The most important attractions in Ko Phi Phi Le

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Interesting sights on the island of Ko Phi Phi Le second largest island of the archipelago. Extremely visited the island for advertising the film "The Beach" starring Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio.

The island of Ko Phi Phi Le is a reserve of Thailand and there are no people. In tourist months from December to April this enchanting place is visited by one million tourists.

Main attraction of the island of Ko Phi Phi Le is the beach Maya Bay. There have been filming, although currently there are many changes for reconstruction of nature.

It is these changes have reason to keep a lot of cases with the filmmakers who have destroyed part of the natural resources of the island. For visitors it does not matter because they enjoy the beautiful scenery and warm crystal clear water.

The island can be reached only by boat, you can rent for half a day from the neighboring island of Ko Phi Phi Don. Geographically Ko Phi Phi Le consists of steep limestone cliffs, among which there are two shallow bay:

Loh Samah and Maya Bay. To move from one bay to the other must walk the narrow path through the jungle or river boat. Do not miss the opportunity to visit mainland part from places of Thailand.

You will not regret, especially to try the famous Thai massage and culinary delights of Thai cuisine. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Ko Phi Phi Le

If you want to avoid the big noise of tourist groups should become earlier. When a boat tour of the island will see Viking Cave, resembles a scene of the movie "Waterworld," starring Kevin Costner.

There is also a very beautiful place that most tourists do not see Loh Samah Bay shyly hidden in the rocks. Eyes hard convened with azure blue-green water where you want to immediately enter.

The bottom is smooth and it swim beautiful colorful fish. Sharks certainly have no way there will be so many people! Otherwise, really beautiful, especially in the evening before sunset. Most tourists sleeping in hotels on the island of Ko Phi Phi Don, and some come from Phuket (I do not recommend it).

Everything is very expensive for tourists who bring Thailand 1.2 million dollars in revenue each year. Most boats can not reach the shore of the beach because of the shallow lagoon and underwater reefs. Apart prohibited because of plankton, which is protected in the Hat Noppharat Thara-Mu Marine National Park.

An interesting attraction evening fire show are in Carpe Diem, which actually have it in every nightclub on the island of Ko Phi Phi Don. The entrance fee is 2-3 dollars. Maybe while you are watching to order seafood from the windows of a night club.

For example, you can taste delicious sea fish, lobsters or crabs. You lie down on the beach, where the hosts have put woven rugs and enjoy interesting evening. Fire performances like those circus saturated with many fire smell of gasoline filled with adrenaline and taste of the sea.

And that's just here on the islands of Ko Phi Phi. Monkeys on the island there are many and most are pets. They are very pushy and steal everything you eat or with variegated color. Then after them shouting and screaming, which is generally useless.

Overall walk for a few days worth, but competition beaches of Phuket is huge and many tourists come here just for one day. I was here with my family a few days that will remain unforgettable for life. View photos I posted to this great article about the attractions of the island of Ko Phi Phi Le.

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