The most important attractions in Poros

Interesting places to visit in Poros Island, along with Hydra, Aegina, Salamina, are part of the Saronic Islands, located in the Aegean Sea bay of the same name, near the Peloponnese - the southernmost point of mainland Greece.

Poros is a small island about 48 km (32 miles) south of the main port of Athens - Piraeus, divided by the Peloponnese peninsula through a 200-meter sea channel from which it is named. The old name of the island is Pogon. The area of ​​the island is about 31 square meters, and its population - about 4000 inhabitants.

Thick pine forests, lemon, orange and olive trees, sandy beaches, lively coasts with shops, cozy cafes and restaurants, a picturesque town with charming houses and cobblestone streets as well as a wide choice of entertainment - all make Poros a quiet but at the same time a cosmopolitan destination.

In fact, Poros consists of two distinct little islands: the small volcanic Sphaira, occupying the southern part where the island's main city is located, and Kalavria - in the northern part, the largest area.

The two islands are connected by bridge. Poros is the island of the god of the sea, Poseidon, who is also his patron. Poros is from the "green" islands of Greece with rich vegetation and hilly relief.Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Poros

There are about 15 beaches on the island on the Aegean coast. Ascheli is one of them, located in the eastern part of the island, surrounded by pine forests, offering all the necessary conditions for a pleasant summer vacation.

Poros is the perfect place for your holiday, offering beautiful scenery combined with modern infrastructure and a hospitable and friendly population. Probably the most attractive activity in Poros is the enjoyment of the lovely beaches that stretch across the island, surrounded by the fresh greenery of the pine forests, as well as swimming and diving in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea.

Thanks to the hotels and restaurants, nightlife is also not to be ignored, and parties are for every taste and mood.

They are mostly on the coast, so if you prefer a quiet and peaceful evening, there is no problem enjoying it in the interior of the island. It is the starting point for exciting and varied visits:

Cruises to the neighboring islands - attractions in Hydra island, Spetsia and Aegina as well as the Peloponnese with its exceptional historical and archaeological sites such as: Nafplio - a marvelous picturesque town, the first capital of liberated Greece, Mycenae with its millennial history, Epidaurus - with its magnificently preserved amphitheater of the 5th century BC, ancient Sparta and Olympia and many more.

All these excursions can be made thanks to the small boats linking Poros and Galata, located on the mainland. For walking, walking and exploring the island, bicycles, mopeds, cars are available on site, if you naturally do not want to use your own car with which you arrived on the island.

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