The most important attractions in Kythnos

Kythnos is an island of the Cyclades group, of unattractive interest for tourists and mainly visited by Greeks. It is a peaceful island in the shape of a lightning, but life is running at slow speeds.

The Greeks know it because of the healing mineral springs in the village of Loutra, while the few who hear about it are connected to the beach of Clona, ​​a long strip of sand that connects the island with the small island of Agios Loukas.

There are regular ferry connections to Piraeus, as well as a ferry from the port of Lavrio and the neighboring island of Keia. The harbor of Kythnos is called Merishas, ​​on the west coast, and is not very impressive by the ferry, although it is the busiest resort on the island.

The island capital, Kythnos Town or Messaria (or simply Hora) is in the interior and much more interesting, a strange mix of pure white houses with flat buildings and houses with tiled roofs, so one can go wrong whether it is in Cyclades or North Aegean Island.

Dryopida is a druid old settlement in the same architectural style. Some beaches have formed villages, such as Loutra, Kanala and Flampouria, but they are really small and with a dozen permanent residents. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Kythnos

On some of the beaches there is a limited choice of rooms for rent and restaurants, especially in the eastern Channel - small bays are "carved" along the entire shoreline. The most famous beach of Kythnos , Colony, is located to the northwest to Fikiada beach.

Both are sandy and with different shades of light and dark blue in the water. From the Column you can climb to the island of Agios Lucas - at the top you will see a small church and the archaeological site Vriokastro, plus a great view from above. A dirt road leads from the nearby Apokrisi beach, also sandy and with a pleasant beach bar in the summer.

7 km south of Horau, Dryopida is a picturesque village with traditional houses with exceptional architecture, old churches, beautiful little squares and arches that fascinate visitors. There you can visit the Byzantine Museum with valuable church exhibits and rare Byzantine icons, Ethnographic Museum with traditional costumes, homewares, old furniture, the monument of the dead and the cave of Kataphiki, one of the largest caves in Greece.

It is not completely accessible to visitors, because there is work on strengthening it and lighting. Fun and interesting places to visit Kythnos
- Kythnos (Chora) and Dryopida, for a walk and a meal in one of the traditional taverns
- Colony Beach and Agios Lucas Island
- The fortress of Oria in the northern part, near Cape Kefalos - remains of a fortified city built on a high hill above the sea
- AI Yani Eleimonas Church next to Lefkes beach, on a rocky island linked to the land by a pontoon bridge
- Monasteries Panagia Kanala and Panagia Nikus

A near destination to the island of Kithnos is the magnetic Andros island, famous for its historical and cultural attractions.

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