The most important attractions in Chania Crete

Interesting landmarks in Chania Crete, where we stayed for 4 nights, used the city as a base for our trips to Samaria, Balos and Elafonissi. Chania is one of the main cities on the island and it is not difficult to get here anywhere with local transport. The transport, in my opinion, is relatively regular, and the KTEL site can be tracked for the schedules and prices.

Keep in mind that from time to time there are changes to schedules, but the site is being updated in time! From the point of view of being without a car, our choice of hotel was not very reasonable. We stopped at the Royal Sun Hotel, although we knew very well that it was 5 km from the center. We just could not resist the great view revealed to the city (not that we had time to enjoy it, and we read that they provided a free shuttle to the city center.)

But it was good, but the shade was traveling after eight hours, because the buses with which we had to travel to Samaria, Balos and Elaphonissi were leaving at that time, even earlier, so every morning we used a taxi and on the way back we took advantage of the shawl ... The second largest the city of Crete is located at the site of the ancient Minoan village His name, Chania, when he was under Arab rule, called him Al Khanih, meaning inn or inn, and the history of the town remembers many conquerors: Byzantines, Arabs, Venetians, Ottomans, and that undoubtedly left The old part of Chania is close to the sea and is well preserved, like Rethymno - small narrow streets and many pretty restaurants! One of the most famous Christian medieval churches in Chania is the Cathedral of Trimartiri, which during the Ottoman period of the city was turned into a soap factory. Bookmark and Share

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At the end of the old town is the indoor market in Hania - Agora. The building was built in the beginning of the 20th century by a model of the hall in Marseilles, in the place of the main entrance to the Venetian fortress that was walking around the city. Fortress has been used for its construction. The harbor in Chania was built by the Venetians in the middle of the 14th century, it was used both for trade and for protection against pirate raids. Today, it offers a small craft pier and the commercial and passenger port of Chania is located in the Gulf of Suda. Giali Tzamisi (The Mosque of the Seashore) dates back to the second half of the seventeenth century and is a unique model of Islamic architecture, erected in honor of Chania's elder at that time, Kyuchuk Hasan.

Nowadays the mosque is completely renovated and used as a venue for exhibitions. At the entrance of the port a beacon built by the Venetians and later restored by the Egyptians, which is one of the oldest lights in Greece. It is still functioning today and is one of the city's main attractions, especially photogenic in the evening! In the middle of the breakwater that surrounds the harbor is the Bastion of St. Nicholas from the beginning of the 14th century.

It was originally built to guard the entrance of the city from the sea, and later the Turks used it as a cannery and for execution. Along the harbor there are restaurants where you can enjoy delicious Mediterranean food. Evening is very pleasant and lively, even street musicians can get you. The choice of restaurants is really huge. Whether you sit in the harbor or at a restaurant on the narrow streets of the old town - it does not matter - everywhere is delicious and there are restaurants for every pocket.

In front of all restaurants there are exported menus, and so-called. screamers. They can even offer you a quote such as "If you sit here, you can eat kleftiko (a crib meat of lamb) not for 15, but for 9 euros!" or offer you a glass of free wine. Almost everywhere we sat for dessert we were wearing free fruit and peas (similar to ours, but much weaker).

There are also various menus in the range of 10-15 euros, including salad and some basic (souvlaki, fish, octopus, lamb) and as I said, the dessert is a compliment from the restaurant!

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