The most interesting facts about Amazon

See some interesting facts about Amazon and its tributaries. The vast majority of modern food originates from the forests of the river. You may not know, but about 90 percent of the food that people eat today comes from the Amazon forest.

Although today much of the crop to be grown in other countries, most of them can be seen in the wild in the rainforests of South America. These are cocoa, which is made of chocolate, bananas, corn, rice, potatoes, but they are only a small fraction of the total number.

Most people are aware of the danger of destruction of the Amazon rainforest, which produce the vast majority of the oxygen on the planet. Few of them are aware of exactly how fast we do it. For a second disappeared around 4000 m2 jungle, which is approximately a football field. Amazon is the main means of transport. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions about Amazon

While in Europe and North America most developed is transporting cars, trains and planes in some South American countries, the Amazon River is the main means of transport. Since the second longest in the world, it offers tremendous opportunities for sailing in Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela and Peru. The river connects countries and facilitate trade between them.

At Amazon you can see the bloodthirsty piranhas that swim in herds and can eat up minutes on average large animal. The piranha is not the only dangerous creature in the waters of the river. In shallow areas lies the huge anaconda that can attack animals the size of a goat. When you imagine Amazon probably emerge in your mind the image of tropical vegetation, plenty of sunshine and heat. You might be surprised by the fact that rainforest river are so dense that in many areas at the bottom reigns almost impenetrable darkness.

Trees and greenery in the heart of the jungle miss only 1% of the sunlight. The huge area of ​​the river is formed mainly by smaller tributaries that flow into the main water artery and flow into the Atlantic. Amazon has more than 1,000 tributaries, nearly 20 of them are longer than 1400 km. This is approximately the length of the Mississippi River, which is one of the largest rivers in North America. Not only do the vast majority of food but a small fraction of the medications that we use come from the forests of the Amazon River.

25% of drugs that are used by traditional medicine are produced from plants that thrive in rainforests of South America. But the jungle is very poorly understood and although it is strange, only 1% of the plants in it are well known to scientists as drugs. Among other interesting facts, it appears that the Amazon jungle is probably the oldest on the planet.

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