Beautiful Nature in Lampedusa

The most interesting attractions in Lampedusa are preferably other small islands in the Mediterranean. The island geologically belongs to Africa, but geographically belongs to Italy. It is considered the most southern part of Italy and the largest island of the Pelagie Islands.

Lampedusa is poor in natural resources, there is no fresh water, no rivers, the landscape is low shrubs and trees indigenous to North Africa. The banks are not very attractive to the beach because they are steep and rocky. Only in the eastern part there is a possibility for the development of marine tourism in the summer months.

The climate is characterized by mild winters and dry summers with rainfall similar to those in North Africa. Lampedusa is also famous for its large number of immigrants who stop here with boats and small ships on their way to European shores. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Lampedusa Island

I propose to list the places to visit that are worth seeing. We start our walk with beautiful bays Cala Pisana and Cala Uccello. They open a splendid sunrise on the island of Lampedusa in the east. We can not say the same for Cala Greca, because this bay is too narrow for the beach, but at the expense of near a great restaurant with delicious Mediterranean food.

Most comfortable beach for families with children bay Cala Francese. This place is near the main road of Lampedusa and there are several luxury hotels to beach. For me personally the most beautiful beaches are Cala Pulcino and Rabbit Beach. Here the sand is fine and white, the seabed is not rocky and the water is crystal clear. Near these beaches have the opportunity to dive in underwater caves of Lampedusa and to search underwater statue of the Madonna del Mare depth of about 10 meters.

In the same area is Rabbit Island. It can be reached easily, even swimming can explore it without any problems. The island is home to sea turtles and lobsters. Less than 3 meters deep can see Rockfish and eels. During the summer, especially for tourists organize celebrations with much eating, drinking and campfires. Another interesting attraction in Lampedusa is a tour of the island by boat or small boat. For a few hours you can see everything from the sea to Lampedusa, and if desired can stop and go fishing.

Some yachts available vkuska seafood. In conclusion, we can only write that Lampedusa is a peaceful island and the best thing you can do is to spend an unforgettable vacation away from civilization. Rent a scooter or a small motor to be easily moved. In this way you will be independent, fast and easy to find your secluded beach where you can indulge in contemplation of nature.

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