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Interesting attractions in Dubai that most impressed me when I was in the United Arab Emirates. The people around me had great prejudices when I told them we would travel to Dubai. The most common expressions of them were: "What's there to see besides skyscrapers?", "Be careful how you dress, don't wear dresses!", "It's scary expensive, where's the money so much?" buildings of historic value. " I like to break stereotypes very much, whether it is travel.

I start one by one: “Dubai is much more than just skyscrapers. For 8 days there, we were out every day from 10am to 11pm. All the time we went and saw a lot of things, but still failed to enjoy everything. This city has a lot to offer - they are constantly inventing new and new attractions and places of interest. “I had absolutely no problem with the way I dressed - I was wearing dresses and shorts. On the contrary, my friend had to wear long shirts and trousers in most places, as well as closed shoes, as we were required to be formal.

Nowhere have we encountered prejudice and ill treatment from the locals. - There are expensive, cheap places everywhere in the world. Dubai did not seem more expensive to me than many other cities in Europe, Japan and the US I have been to. On the contrary, it seemed cheaper than many of my other destinations. In general, for 8 days, 2 people, we spent 1700 $, which includes both airline tickets, hotels, and pockets and tickets to the attractions. - I don't understand why people underestimate new buildings with interesting architecture, just because they are new. The Burj Khalifa, as most of you know, is the tallest building in the world and is located in Dubai. Bookmark and Share

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Who visits Dubai in the summer

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Dubai for the first time, and I already knew that this building had a hotel part and I wanted to stay there for curiosity and to see what it is like to sleep in this architectural wonder of the world.

The service was incredible, the breakfast was from the space, the gym and the spa bath level, the pool was ok, but the view from there, incredible.

The first few photos show the view from the room, the room, the bathroom, the corridor, the entrance, the lobby, the elevator, the breakfasts, the views from the 148th floor, I also uploaded photos of the incredible artificial waterfall in the mall and about a hundred thousand photos from different angles building. In conclusion, I might not stay for the second time at this hotel.

The city doesn't stop growing, so after 5 years I will go again, there will be many new things that have been invented and that I will see. VR Park - amusement park, but with augmented reality. I only got to one attraction, it came to more I didn't expect: D It was a roller coaster, and the added reality of VR goggles was the flight of a drone over Dubai (as if I were the drone). It's not enough that the train rolled me to all sides, and the view from above came a long way.

During the day it is sometimes very empty, most people come out in the evening as it is cooler. But we didn't mind, so it became better pictures The Palm Houses - The Palm of Dubai. We came to it with a single-track train that passes over the water and the city and moves without whatman.

Subway trains run without whatman and if you want to be in the first wagon you have to pay double the price of the ticket, VIP is available. By the way, Dubai's public transport, as well as taxis, are extremely cheap. We had a wonderful 2 hour ferry ride from Dubai Marina to the old town and the warm breeze blew us while enjoying the views. Here is the longest and tallest cable car in urban settings. La Mer Beach, in my opinion, is the best public beaches in Dubai. The environment and the area are very pleasant. Burj Khalifa in the evening - in alternating colors, and before it - the incredible show on the fountains

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