Natural attractions in Arkansas

Interesting attractions in Arkansas who can see only here and now. Located in the southern United States, mostly flat terrain with a comprehensive border east of the Mississippi River, north-west are low mountains and high plains of the south in the past inhabited by Indian tribes.

In Arkansas there are many lakes and rivers that are major tributaries of the Mississippi River. Right here you can see the most interesting sights in Arkansas, beautiful waterfalls and deep meanders of the river Arkansas, White River and River St.Francis. You can also see a lot of caves, Indian burial mounds made before the arrival of Europeans in these lands.

There are many places for rest and tourism, fishing and hunting, and very well preserved wildlife. Let us still mention most important landmarks in Arkansas to visit - your detailed guide. It is good to know that nearby you can visit the beautiful tourist attractions in Louisiana. Bookmark and Share

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The most visited attractions in Arkansas

Ozark - St. Francis National Forest, a national park in the US, which consists of two separate forests, each with its own biological and geological diversity.

The park has over 20 specially built camping and hunting and fishing, as well as comfortable swimming areas. Much of the hiking trails pass through the old oak forests, steep slopes and wooded ridges. There are several endangered vidive trees - White Oak, Blackjack Oak, Post Oak and others.

Pinnacle Mountain State Park, located near the town of Little Rock and mountain Ouachita. The main attraction here is the rising 300 meters Highlands above the Arkansas River. The view is very beautiful in clear weather and favorable place for making panoramic pictures of the surrounding area.

The most popular are two paths, leading to the top of Pinnacle Mountain. It is important to know that it is forbidden for camping in the area of the park. Petit Jean State Park, a small park between the Ozark and Ouachita mountains with ideal conditions for recreation and tourism.

Furthermore wooded canyon in which the river passes Cedar Creek can see the impressive Cedar Fall. Its water falls from a height of 29 meters and below it has a beautiful pool. Good experiences can experience if you visit attractions in Oklahoma located nearby.

The river is suitable for fishing has picnic areas and a place to sleep. On top of Petit Jean Mountain is a wonderful place to monitor the area. Mount Magazine State Park, located in the western part of Arkansas, inhabited by Indians until the were not evicted from white people.

There are many opportunities for rest and tourism. Paragliding, rock climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding are just some of the attractions in Mount Magazine State Park. The park is home to Whitetail deer, black bear, lynx and coyote.

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