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Important information for Hurghada Egypt, my first-person impressions. First, it is a city divided into two parts. The northern part is for the local population, which has multiplied in recent years and reaches 600,000 people. Twenty years ago, there were only 50,000 people.

The reason is trivial, because the tourism is increasing. The southern part is dedicated to hotels and everything related to tourist activity. There is one main road that is one-way (north to south). On one side are the hotels that have access to the Red Sea, and on the other side of the road are the shops and between them again different hotels or residential buildings. Interestingly, these buildings have been begun, a lot of millions have been built to build them, and have been unfinished for at least 10 years (in my opinion).

The reason is clear. What is, in fact, that part of Hurghada that is saved by tour operators and it is deliberately in my opinion. I made the effort to go a long distance south of my hotel MarlinInn, hoping to get to the beach. Believe me everything is surrounded by concrete walls or high fences. If anyone thinks he can walk along Hurghada's beach to knock him out of his head.

You only use this beach that is for your hotel you are staying. In our case 75 meters. For that reason, there were beaches that were deserted, nothing to them as a building or something to suggest that they are used, but they are enclosed and there must be a road to them that has a barrier and a security guard. In other words, 70 km of beach is enclosed and inaccessible. Bookmark and Share

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The best experience in Hurghada Egypt

All sellers have come out in front of their shops and do not leave you alone. They are constantly inviting you to come in and buy from their cheap junk that you do not really need. Some are insistent not to say insolent. They know Russian and English so they can get your goods. Important information for Hurghada Egypt is that the most commonly used word is "one dollar" .

The taxis are one-color (orange-black) Hyundai old model, which passes by you play you must. Most notable, there are no signs in the streets but instructive. When they are forced to play, they do not apply the blinker. I do not know it can be so by law to them. If you are in the hotel everything is level. Of course food is a mix of European and Arabic. They have lots of nice sauces and salads made with their products. Pork is not served (I guess you know why).

Our beach (75 meters) was very beautiful with palm trees and everything in the movies. Food, beverages, cocktails, ice cream, coffee, and so on. it was abundant. I did not go to crawl, as most of them did at the hotel, but I did eat. The temperature during the day reached 30 degrees, and the water 25-27 degrees, and is the end of November.

Even under such conditions do not sweat a man because the humidity is small, even if you are at the sea. Just the desert is nearby. I managed to enjoy the colorful fish and the little coral that was near the shore. The water is very clean and transparent, which is perfectly ideal for diving. As far as the hotel staff is concerned, the same applies to the tips. If you want to clean the room properly, put on clean towels, and so on. you should leave the notorious "one dollar".

If you want a cocktail on the beach again "one dollar". Not that they will not do it without you, but that's what it is.

The hotel staff gets between $ 50 and $ 150 a month, and the driver $ 200. At least they told me so. Shop prices are cheaper than ours, but not much. Important information for Hurghada Egypt is to have Egyptian pounds. Shopping is a must, but in stores where there are fake machines it does not happen, not that they were banging cash receipts. I hope this important information for Hurghada Egypt and her "secrets" has been useful to you if you have the desire to visit this city.

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