The most important attractions in Huahine island

Huahine island in French Polynesia or also known as Dream Island is located on an area of ​​80 and a distance of 175 km. northeast of Tahiti. With its 4480 inhabitants it is the most desolate and most mysterious island of the Society Islands of French Polynesia.

Actually Huahine island are two interconnected two smaller islands: Huahine Nui and Huahine Iti . It is remarkable for its diverse scenery, gorgeous beaches, surrounded by palm groves swaying in the wind, lush hills, dotted with numerous bright hibiscus, crystal clear lagoon with diverse marine life, picturesque main town Farrell and tiny charming villages.

Year-round temperatures are around 28 degrees with a fresh breeze of eastern trade winds. The charm of Huahine is not limited only for its beautiful scenery. The island attracts tourists with preserved bit of local, who has not modernized over the centuries. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Huahine island

They say that the island's archaeological heart of Polynesia. This is the biggest archaeological center of Polynesian culture. It was here found the most ancient traces of it. In the village of Maeva are sacred temples of Polynesian peoples Mara, built of basalt stones.

Huahine island is the best place on the planet to monitor phenomenal natural phenomenon green beam. It has been observed at the time of sunset or sunrise. It represents localized green glow that appears for a short period of time immediately following the sun or emerald green beam that shines seconds. Huahine locals call the island garden.

There are a variety of vegetation, which in many other Polynesian islands did not exist. Tourism has come later on this island where the main occupation is still agriculture. The land here is unusually fertile. This enables farmers to grow rich crops, mainly bananas, melons and vanilla. The island represents in itself a huge botanical garden. Officially there are two botanical park.

One of them is Eden Park. It is an 8 acre park in which to place extracted natural vegetable oils, and the restaurant at the park offers exotic dishes from local fruits and plants. A place called Safari Aquarium offers diving and swimming with snorkel amongst pristine coral formations. The calm waters are deep only a few meters with diverse marine life. Huahine will still brightened lovers of rare pleasures of climbing steep mountains, walk in the rainforest, horseback riding, helicopter flights boating on a special mission feeding sharks.

Glass floor panels allow you to explore the colorful marine life that have become pretty spoiled by their regular meals with pieces of bread, steal from the restaurant. Tourists have the opportunity to visit farms for black pearls. French Polynesia is a world leader in the cultivation of artificial ones.

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