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List of the most famous historical landmarks in Prague that you can see in the photo gallery. We begin our tour of the Church of Our Lady of Tin (Chram Panny Marie before Tynem), often called simply the Tin Church or Tin only, one of the highlights of old Prague, as well as the main church in this part of the city from the fourteenth century to the present. The towers of the church are 80 m high, with four small peaks on each side.

This religious home is one of the masterpieces of father and son Dinzenhofer. The gunpowder just before her restaurant in the dungeon offers phenomenally delicious roast meat. The Old City Tower is often identified as one of the most amazing Gothic buildings. The Prague Castle, or Prague Fortress, is a fortress in the center of Prague, which is today the official residence of the Czech President. The fortress is located on a hill in the Hradčany district of Prague.

It dates from the 9th century, when the castle was the seat of the princes of Bohemia, and later of some Holy Roman emperors. Bookmark and Share

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The Prague Clock is an astronomical clock on the southern facade of the Prague City Hall building in Old Town Place. Mounted in 1410, the Prague Clock is the third astronomical clock in the world and the oldest clock in operation today. The current building of the Prague National Opera was opened on January 5, 1888 as the "German Stage of Prague" with a performance of the opera "Nuremberg Master Singers" by Wagner.

In the 19th century, German musicians living in Prague actually played at the State Theater, alternating with the Czech orchestra. Currently, the Public House is mainly used as a concert venue. Its main hall is named after the Czech composer Bedrich Smetana and is one of the main concert venues of the Prague International Music Festival. In the Church of St. Ludmila is neo-Gothic, the Roman Catholic Church in Namesti Miru in Prague is the Wine Cellar, built on the plans of Joseph ridiculously in 1888-1892.

It was named in honor of St. Ludmila Bohemia. The 42 movable levels of this eleven-meter-high sculpture equate to form the face of famous Czech writer Franz Kafka. This 39-ton bust by artist David Czerny dates from November 2014 and stands right next to the Quadrio Business Center, just above the Narodni trida Metro Station. The square was named after St. Wenceslas I, Prince of the Czech Republic, considered the spiritual patron of the country. It was formerly called Konsky trh, as horse fairs were held there during the Middle Ages. It was renamed Wenceslas Square in 1848.

Old Prague is famous for its historical landmarks. One is the tram line # 41. It passes by many famous places in Prague such as czech republic castle, National Theater and Wenceslas Square - an excellent opportunity for tourists to explore the city without getting tired and in a pleasant setting, combined with a nostalgic trip in time. The Charles Bridge (in Czech: Karluv most) is a historical landmark of the city of Prague, a bridge over the Vltava River that connects the ancient central districts of Prague. Small country and Old Town.

Its construction began at the behest of Karel IV in 1357 in place of the overflowing Judith Bridge and ended in 1402. Its length is 520 m and its width is 9.5 m. The bridge is built on 16 arches lined with blocks of sandstone.

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