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Historical landmarks in Delos, you can visit if you are on holiday in Mykonos (neighboring island). Delos Island is situated in Greece and has a population of about twenty people. The island is inhabited mostly archaeologists who lead here their studies and excavations. Delos Island is connected to Greek mythology.

According to the legends of this island were born Greek goddess of hunting, Artemis and the god of art Apollo. On this island their mother Leto , which is impregnated by Zeus decided to hide in order to give birth. Island of Delos is close to Mykonos and is visited by tourists from around the world, as it has preserved a large amount ruins of ancient Greek buildings.

Delos Island is a World Heritage Site (UNESCO). Delos Island is unique because it has neither a hotel or beach. This island is practically one of the largest open-air museum in the world. According to legend, the island has emerged from the seabed after the god of the sea it is pulled out.

The length of the island of Delos is five kilometers and its total area is about seven square kilometers. Island of Delos was considered for many years to treasury of Athens. Over time, the city of the island has been expanding more and more and its population reaches 25,000 people. Bookmark and Share

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Tourist attractions in Delos

In the city center there was a huge square, which was developed brisk trade. Delos Island was a place where he held lavish celebrations. Sanctuary of Apollo and Artemis attracted a huge amount of pilgrims on the island.

Every four years here held lavish celebrations, which were dedicated to Apollo and Artemis were accompanied by different types of games, horse races and other interesting events.

In the first century the island of Delos was completely ruined and completely devastated by the raids of various hostile forces. After repeatedly been attacked, residents who survived abandoned him.

For many centuries the island was abandoned while it is not lived archaeologists. Today Delos is a popular tourist destination, particularly for tourists who rest on the neighboring attractions in Mykonos, which can be reached by boat.

On the island, except archaeologists live and officials from museums. Tourists can see seven marble lions - these are just some of the sculptures from the terrace of the lions, which was beautiful passage to the gates of the city.

Lions that have been created over two thousand years were dedicated to Apollo. Replicas of these lions there are a few places on the island. Delos Island is a paradise for lizards that live here.

They run a magnificent mosaics that thousands of years ago were expensive floors of buildings wealthy. The study of the island began in the late eighteenth century and nineteenth century began the first archaeological excavations.

But even in the seventeenth century Europeans began to carry in the capitals of their countries splendid statues of the island after it became clear that it are works of art, and no one to protect them.

Beautiful marble statues discovered on the island of Delos, were taken to Rome, Venice and London.

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