The most important attractions in Bari

Welcome to Puglia and historical landmarks in Bari located at the southeastern region of Italy for which you've probably heard from his early years classes in geography.

Puglia is a great place to spend your holidays surrounded by olive, almond and vines painted amazing landscapes and weather and water skillfully sculpt what is Puglia today. Barry greets us with a warm and pleasant weather. Since the region boasts many hot summers and rainy winters, spring is the best period in which to visit and explore.

Barry is a true cultural crossword: the intersection of two people. On the one hand, the old town surrounded by a wall whose small streets will become travelers in search of rich historical and cultural heritage that lies there. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Bari

On the other, the modern part of the city, built in the 19th century, lived through several changes over the years. Walking around the old town will encounter a majestic castle Castel del Monte, whose beautiful patio is now used for organizing events. Basilica of San Nicola is a great example of Apulian architecture.

There, behind a strict facade, flanked by two towers are kept as relics of the saint and famous works of art. In the new part of town, getting to know one of the main Corso Cavour, you will find the majestic Opera House, Theatre Petruta, third largest in Naples and Milan.

And since we're in Italy, you should taste the wonderful Italian cuisine, refracted through the prism of the charismatic Barry. Buran cheese, seafood, pasta and unique Altamura bread, which is made only in Barry are just a few of the delicacies that you can try, and the right place for it's lively Via Victoria.

After touring Bari you can enjoy a walk around the nearby towns that will capture the beauty and medieval charm. In the south you will find the valley yttrium, also known as the land of Trulli. Alberobello, the city of Trulli is where you will find these surprising houses built in a time when robust construction was very expensive. Then create local houses Trulli - temporary houses built with material from local mines, each with different looks and sizes.

Only 50 km from Bari, Alberobello and Trulli houses are a place you should visit. Another interesting destination in the region is the city of Matera. There you can see the houses and churches of the city, carved into the rock by the locals who for centuries inhabited this region.

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