The most important attractions in Venice

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The historical sights of Venice that I had heard and which I was able to see for the very short time of our stay there. I start with a thirty minute boat trip from the mainland to the lagoon. The cost for the boat is around 20 euros, with the concession being granted if you are a family or a group. Here comes the fee for visiting Venice.

We are entering the lagoon and the weather is rainy. What a luck only. We remove the umbrellas and start the pedestrian walk with the Doge's Palace. Do not miss to visit it and look inside. The price is 12 euros, but it's worth it. Outside is also quite impressive, especially the facades that look out to San Marco Square and the Venice Lagoon. Saint Mark's Square is the largest free space.

It is surrounded by the San Marco Basilica, the Campanile di San Marco, the Doge's Palace, the Cathedral of San Marco, the National Archaeological Museum and the Torre dellOrologio.

They had told me that there were many pigeons in this square, it was forbidden to eat wheat, but the people were so much that even if there were pigeons they could not land. I made the impression of Campanile di San Marco how tall. It collapsed in 1902 and was built in 1912. I watched old pictures of this tower and admit it now as it was built on a beautiful one. You can climb for a fee of 10 euros and see all of Venice by bird's eye view. I did not do it because it was raining and the visibility was reduced. In fact, this is the highest place in Venice. Bookmark and Share

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The best attractions in Venice

The surrounding buildings of San Marco Square were owned by the richest families and are currently used for hotels, restaurants, cafes and museums. I adjusted my watch to the Torre dell'Orologio readings. It is especially interesting to beat bells at the right time. Our main purpose was to ride the gondola.

The price is fixed 80 euros. It's a good idea to find a company to get up to 6 people to get you cheaper. If you want the gondolier to sing you the price is different. I did not hear anyone sing, perhaps because they are not the true gondoliers. It is a bad impression that they do not have proper clothes, not to mention that they have uniforms. At least they did, at least, the gondolas were very well made and decorated. Everything is handmade.

They cost about 300,000 euros, but I personally do not believe they are so expensive. Venice itself is a big labyrinth and can be easily lost. There are signs with inscriptions most commonly San Marco and the Rialto Bridge. The bridge is actually the largest and only bridge of Canal Grande. I do not know how this bridge is falling from the weights of tourists.

To shoot there you have to go through three rows of visitors. Everyone wants to be photographed as a memorial against the backdrop of Canal Grande. We and my wife succeeded, but we must be cheeky and smiling. Hem you beat these tourists, while you smile with the words "Sori". On the other side of the Rialto Bridge is the commercial part where you can buy souvenirs. Most are looking for the masks and magnets with the background of Venice.

Their price in different places is different, but you can buy 3 magnets for 5 euros, for example, and masks start from 6 to 20 euros depending on size and decoration. Piece of pizza is 3.5 euros, and coffee between 2 - 4 euros if you take it on foot (Coffee and go).

I did not feel the air in Venice smelling the canals and mold as they had warned me. I did not see any resting benches anywhere, even thinking it was forbidden to sit. If you have more time, visit the Murano Glass Museum. The entry fee is € 6.50. We did not succeed, but there were many shops for glass gadgets and well painted glass items that we enjoyed.

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