The most important attractions in Siena

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Historic landmarks in Siena are many, but I think they can tour and explore for a day. The town is small and very calm, built on a high hill. The streets are very narrow, covered with large stone slabs, which are why they were very healthy and purposeful.

Although the cars were passing by, they were probably 100 years healthy. The central tourist area of ​​Siena is a pedestrian area. Most residential buildings are built of bricks, parking on cars is a problem, as is the case in big cities. What can be seen here?

The great cathedral of Siena, which is located on Piazza del Duomo. It is very beautiful, lined with marble on all sides. Here they have left their talents Michelangelo, Bernini, Donatello and Pisano. The cathedral in Siena can compete peacefully with that of Florence and Bologna.

There are two things I did not like. It is very crowded with decoration (statues of saints, spirals, cannulae, etc.) and the distance to the first buildings is too small. If you do not have a wide-angle camera, you will not be able to make good panoramic pictures of the cathedral.

We wanted to look inside but when I saw the ticket queue, I gave up. In fact, it is not a good option to look at Italy during holidays. Too many people are in the streets as well as in the museums and other historical sites in Siena. Bookmark and Share

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The best attractions in Siena

As we strolled along the narrow narrow streets, we walked to a panoramic playground, and in the distance we saw the San Francesco Basilica. The distance to her seemed quite large and we did not visit her.

Later, I realized that the rest of the band had missed this interesting landmark. The other place that will be your attention is Piazza Del Campo. This is the most spacious place in Siena. It is a large sloping square, and nowhere have I seen seating benches. All the surrounding buildings were owned by the richest families in Siena.

Since the weather was warm and sunny, people sat on the tiles that were naturally clean. A very charismatic place where you can have your coffee or juice sitting on the ground. Here is the most beautiful architectural attraction in Siena Torre del Mangia. It is 102 meters high.

The top is made of marble with three bells, which I was able to hear how they beat. This year's races are organized with horses without saddle. The flooring of the square is changed and bets are made.

The history of these races is very interesting, but it will pay special attention to another article. We managed to swim in the small streets of Sienna and enter several pastry shops. The most famous confectionery is the parents of singer Gianna Nannini.

There were delicious treats we did not try because, as you can guess, they are very expensive. In the end, you do not have to ride the streets and see everything because at one point in your head it becomes a big mess. Then you wondered where it is.

That's why it's good to take a break and enjoy the short moments abroad and let God happen again to go around the world.

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