10 Historical landmarks in Salzburg

Historic landmarks in Salzburg an interesting city with a very relaxed atmosphere. I do not know whether Salzburg should be designated as the city of Mozart, but to me it is the city of tranquility. As we joked each other here and the flies are calm. Walking in the city is incredibly relaxing. I recommend that everyone decided to visit the city to take their Salzburg Card. The map has different options. We chose a 24-hour card, which included a visit to a large number of museums, public transport, and privileges to enter the landmarks.

The Salzach River and the Hohensalzburg Fortress. The name of the city means Castle of Salt. The Salzach River - Salt River.

Salzburg Card also includes a boat trip. Music Academy Mozarteum.Bookmark and Share

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The best historic landmarks in Salzburg

The city of Mozart. He was born here. I personally seemed to be very exploited for his name. There were at least two museums, and most of the souvenirs were related to it.

Not that there is no reason to do so, yet he is a genius, but the city has other merits. Mirabell Palace and its magnificent gardens. Mirabell Palace was built by Archbishop Wolf Dietrich for his mistress. Today the building is used by the town hall.

The theme of love has not gone away - Mirabel has the most beautiful wedding room and many lovers from all over the world come to marry (re) here. Mozart is everywhere. However, the original candies are in blue packaging. They are sold in a patisserie on the square with the oldest café in Europe. The café where Mozart drank his coffee every morning.

At least that's what it says. The largest preserved historical fortress in central Europe - the Hohensalzburg fortress is one of the most beautiful Austrian castles. Salzburg is known for the signboards of the shops.

They must be of a Renaissance style. Even by Mac Donnolds they have complied with the requirement. Helbrunn's gardens are known for the best preserved renaissance water games.

The city receives the status of archbishopric. Helbrown is the residence of the Archbishop. At this table he sat down to dinner with his guests. When he decided it was time for dinner to end with the push of a knob he triggered the water. So all the guests left wet from dinner.

You may notice that there is no water coming out of the center seat. Helbrown here and the swans are relaxed. They walked peacefully among the visitors. As you have learned from our short story, everything described in the article is part of the attraction in Austria.

Therefore, if you have more time you can look at them in detail.Do not forget that the best moments are coming, so follow your dreams and walk around Earth for the rest of your life.

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