The most important attractions in Rome

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After the cities of Bologna and Florence, my journey continues to Rome, the eternal city. This is the place where I liked the most. I spent two full days on it and I have hardly seen half of the historical sights, but I was fascinated by the purity and tranquility I felt here.

What have I been able to visit these two days?

I start the tour with Piazza di Spagna and the Spanish stairs. 135 steps, which I did not find necessary to climb to see the nearby Trinita dei Monti church. At the foot of the stairs there is a fountain with a boat lane. Naturally, during the Easter holidays there were many people, and taking pictures with the background of the fountain was a difficult task. From here through narrow streets to Rome we went to Fontaine de Trevi.

I was very much a case for these fountains. They are really beautiful, if you have small coins you can throw a few and help the socially weak in Italy. It is said that they collected up to 1000 euros a day, but I do not believe it very much.

Those who want to see and take pictures are more than this small square can hold. There are many beautiful fountains, it is good to enjoy them for at least an hour, but I did not regret it.

Only four blocks from Fontaine de Trevi in ​​the direction of the Tiber River is the Temple of Hadrian. Bookmark and Share

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The best attractions in Rome

Only one facade has 11 very tall columns, which are almost 2000 years old. I will not go into detail on how it is built and by whom, but I think at least for as many years will not move from there.

Our next stop is Piazza della Rotunda and the Pantheon of Rome. The entrance is free and can be taken for free. The pantheon dome is huge and has a large circular opening at the top. According to our guide, even with heavy rain from this hole there is no water.

Doubtful work in my opinion, but there may be some swirl of air from inside out - do I know? We also reach Piazza Navona. I love it very much because it is in Baroque style (my favorite style). It has an elliptical shape, at both ends with fountains that you imagine - work! In the middle of the square is the famous Fountain of the Four Rivers.

Naturally the next Catholic Church of Saint Agnes in Rome. On our way to the Vatican, we can only see the Sant Angelo castle (like a medieval prison in my opinion), which has been stolen to serve other architectural monuments.

Because of the lack of building material, many of the buildings have undergone some changes. We head to the Vatican, tail a great check for weapons and metal objects. Entrance to the Vatican Museums - 16 euros.

Everything is terribly beautiful, the works of the best masters of brush and sculpture. The floors are covered with perfect mosaics and expensive marble. I saw the famous Sistine Chapel. The security is every 2 meters. Do not let people talk and shoot, and terribly many people.

Everyone looking at the ceiling, this Michelangelo is a big deal. Exiting the Vatican Museums right away without waiting for the other queue, we enter St. Peter's Basilica.

I did not see the pope because he was busy and did not care about the tourists. I think she's lazy in the apartment, but that's another topic. Everything in Rome has its story and its energy that I was able to sense. Below is a second part of my travel book.

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