10 landmarks in Lyon

Historic landmarks in Lyon, the third largest city in the country, is located in the central and eastern part of France. It is located on the road between Paris and Marseilles, at the mouth of the Sona and Rhone rivers. Its population is about 500,000 people and is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site.

The city of Lyon is often considered the gourmet capital of France. Here are two of the best regions for wine production and if desired you can see it in the vicinity of the city.

Some of the main historical sites in Lyon that can be visited are related to the past of France. We did not have much time, so we went to the old town, saw the amphitheater Gallo-Roman, and made panoramic photos from the Fourvir hill, where the great Basilica Notre Dame is located.

The weather was rainy and that's why the photos on the main square Belkur are of poor quality. If you want to visit other landmarks in France including cathedrals you can do it on weekends or vacations. Enjoy the beauty of this part of the world and do not forget to make your dreams come true, because they are real. .Bookmark and Share

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The best landmarks in Lyon

Here are some very interesting buildings and statues such as that of the writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, whose birthplace is exactly Lyon. There was some sporting event (maybe football) on the square, and so we could not enjoy it enough.

In good weather, you must go to the highest place in Lyon - the Fourvir hill. The view is impressive and the whole valley and the rivers on which the city is situated are visible. You can use the train for a fee of 3 euros in both directions. For the Sona and Rona rivers we can say that they are sailing.

There are several bridges above them, and the shores are adapted for walking or cycling. I saw many young people who were enjoying their free time there singing and singing without worry.

The water is very clean in the Sona and Rona rivers, and even swammers and swans swim freely. We visited St. Jean Cathedral and went inside to see it. If you have entered Gothic cathedrals, you will not be impressed especially because they all look alike.

The same applies to the Fourviers basilica built in honor of Virgin Mary. Generally, no funds have been saved for such buildings of national and historical significance. Naturally we can not miss a photo from the Celtic Theater at least in front of my façade with my wife and the Jacobin fountain.

Many places can still be visited, but for the time we have, and that's enough. We preferred to sit down and enjoy the Sona River.

The sunset and the silence were very good, and we do not like walking in the streets. I strongly recommend that you visit the city of Lyon in the summer and feel the atmosphere and tranquility of the inhabitants.

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