The most important attractions in Hinchinbrook Island

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Hinchinbrook Island Australia is a national park with an area of ​​635 Vast territory of the island is covered with tropical forests and tall bushes that impede travelers who want to cross this natural attraction.

Adventurers will be pleased Island Hinchinbrook, because nature is intact, dense forests and pristine beaches await them, to which, however, reaches difficult. The highest point of the island is 1121 meters Mount Bowen, who is often hidden in dense clouds.

The rich variety of animal species and fish can be seen very easily, if you arm yourself with patience and not to violate the natural silence. Hinchinbrook island is separated from Australia by a narrow channel that can easily be passed even a small boat or canoe.

On the banks there are dense mangrove forests, which are sometimes an obstacle to reach the island, except the few quiet bays to the east.

The most popular tourist route is the path Thorsborne, which runs from east to west for 32 kilometers through the scenic mountains and dense forests. Hire a guide who will lead for four days in uninhabited areas, swamps and magnificent beaches with white sand. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Hinchinbrook Island

The nearest large town is Townsville, located south of the Hinchinbrook island Australia. There are seven tourist spots for camping permitted by park guards.

It is forbidden to leave traces of camping inside the park. The best time to visit the natural attractions of the Hinchinbrook island from April to September, which is characterized by favorable temperature conditions.

When planning to create a camp do not forget to pay entrance fees for ferry that can take from the town of Cardwell. Another part of the trail Ramsay Bay and Zoe Bay to George Point. Note that the vegetation is truly unique.

Dense mangroves, palm trees, ferns and other shrubs in combination with the hum of insects will deliver a true delight for the ears and eyes. Australia Hinchinbrook island is surrounded by coral reef, so arm yourself with a mask and snorkel and explore the reef meat, which is full of surprises underwater.

There is an easier walking from Ramsay Bay to Nina bay with a length of 6.5 km. The route passes through Nina peak. From this point you down in a small stream to the bay where you can build a camp and spend a quiet evening in nature under the palm trees. In summer you can see green turtles.

You may wish to explore the entire island by speedboat 6-8 hours (Zoe Bay Tour). The tour starts in Lucinda Hinchinbrook Channel. The course includes visits to Zoe Falls, swim to it and pitnik beach.

The day ends with the passage through the town of Cardwell and return to Lucinda. The next day you can visit Girringun National Park, which is located in mainland Australia.

Another important destination in this region of the world is the Lizard island. Both islands are similar in that they are close to the Great Barrier Reef and there are good conditions for world tourism.

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