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Hiking in Ko Tarutao Thailand a forgotten destination in the Andaman Sea. In Southeast Asia there are not many beach destinations with good camping conditions. Thailand is perhaps the only nice exception. There are at least half a dozen nautical parks located in the country on islands where campsites can be made.

We decided to visit some of them, to see and feel on the spot whether their descriptions correspond to reality. Ko Tarutao island was a long dream to me. It's good when some dreams come true. After spending 10 days on the beaches in Phuket, here we are, on the territory of this wild tropical island. Despite our long preparations for long camping in the tropics, here at Ko Tarutao it turned out that there is something new to learn. We had to deal with the raids of monkeys, wild boar, ticks and other earthly creatures that surprised us with our actions. In our early days, we have suffered a lot of damage from them, but we have gained valuable practical experience.

To live with these animals is not easy, but it is possible. From experience, we no longer think camping a wild tropical island surrounded by them is a particular problem. Here we will share our modest experience. It may be useful for anyone reading these lines. In Thai, "Mu" means a group, and "Ko" means an island. The combination of these two words means a group of islands or archipelago. Accordingly, Mu Ko Tarutao is an archipelago of 51 wild tropical islands, which since 1974 Have been declared Thailand's eighth national park. Only two of the islands of Mu Ko Tarutao National Park have built a tourist infrastructure consisting of several well-appointed campsites. Bookmark and Share

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The wild camping on the island is forbidden, sanctioned strictly, offenders are easily caught, and therefore a number of other reasons here are simply pointless. Every foreigner pays a one-time fee of 200 baht when entering the national park, which usually lasts for 5 days, but in practice it has rarely been deducted for a second time if he stays in the park for 10-15-20 days. On the main island of Ko Tarutao there are 3 "Ranger Stations" located in the three campsites run by the Rangers. There is also a camping site at Ko Adang, which is our next goal. Ko Rawi can not camp, although there are also 2 Ranger Stations. Ko Tarutao campsites are on the following 3 beaches: Ao Phante Melaka, Ao Mo Lae and Ao Son. Ko Tarutao map with the location of the three campsites. We chose to stay in the main of the three campsites on the island located on Phante Malaka beach and later it turned out we were not wrong. Our first impressions of the campsite are wonderful. Everything seems almost perfect for a long stay. We are delighted that we have come to such a nice place. The campsite is located on a huge area, has good infrastructure and is kept decent. Many alleys are built, there is a decent restaurant, several well-kept large bathrooms and toilets, and dozens of fountains with great drinking water. The tents site or the so-called "Camping Area" is beachfront, with many trees that make a natural shade. Behind it are about 30 bungalows with different sizes and prices from 600 to 1000 baht. Ko Tarutao is an island 26.5 km long, about 11 km wide. It has a clear mountainous relief, with its highest peak being 700 meters. Perhaps over 95% of its territory is covered with a tropical jungle. It is about 15 km away from the mainland, which is neither very close nor very distant. In the past, Thailand's ruling island was the perfect place for ... prison. From this decision, the island's history becomes complex. In short. It was a place of exile for prisoners who, due to the complex events and hunger of the island after the Second World War, unite with their guards and become together ... pirates. For years, these pirates have become the enchantment of the Andaman Sea. The number of prisoners at peak times has reached 3,000. They, the ten-year-old prisoners, have built the two stone-paved paths on the island, which are nowadays mostly concreted and connect the three camps from its western side and one point on its eastern side.

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