Amazing holiday in Haiti attractions

Haiti attractions are very beautiful and unique, which they are still standing after Columbus time the new settlers are admired this true paradise. During the last years tourism in Haiti suffers heavy losses after the massive clearing of humid tropical forests on the island, especially after the great earthquake of 2010.

However, Haiti attractions has remained well preserved places where visitors can experience the charm of Haiti.

There are a few private luxury resorts such as Labadee, surrounded by equatorial vegetation, palm trees, mountains and of course the well maintained beach.

Luxury is everywhere, almost like paradise - fine white sand, Rainforest and azure waters.

Here liners often call with thousands of tourists decided to rest from the heat of the weather. Deep shadow of palm trees and well ordered lounges are ideal for relaxing. Those of you who are fond of scuba diving, you will remain satisfied with the coral reefs of the Caribbean Haiti attractions. If you have enough time and opportunity of course you can travel to the nearby islands of Haiti and to experience the attractions of Cuba (Fidel Castro's island). Bookmark and Share

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Citadelle Laferrier
countryside of Haiti
Haiti beautiful lagoon
Haiti secluded beach
Haiti labadie beach
Haiti perfekt plane
Haiti beautiful mountain
Port in Haiti
Presitential Palace of Haiti
Sans Souci Palace

Haiti attractions and landmarks for tourist

10 km. Les city of Kayes is Vahine Island. Major center in the island of Haiti equator. The largest beach is 16 km long, each will find a desolate place where you can isolate himself.

Caribbean scenery is incredibly beautiful. Therefore particular care to make local authorities to keep it unchanged. Has established protected parks in southwest Tiburon Peninsula. Many places in Haiti are similar to the attractions in Jamaica.

Most interesting and beautiful Haiti attractions

Protected areas are above 2000 meters above sea level and are two - La Visite National Park and Pic Macaya National Park.

Haiti attractions has two main cultural monuments – Sans Souci palace and citadelle Laferriere. Other popular tourist Haiti attractions sites are National Historical Park, the Museum Guahaba, the Museum of Art and Henry Kristof.

Protected castles are UNESCO and located in the northern part of the country near Labadee. The capital of Haiti is Port-au-Prince - it is not advisable to visit without a tour group. After the devastating earthquake that almost nothing remained for consideration.

Haitian authorities failed to reach an agreement with the Dominican Republic on mutual promotion of Caribbean island in the world. The best to visit Haiti attractions at the end of the year and beginning of the new, when Europe and America in winter.

Then the humidity and temperatures are more bearable for visitors. The island state will offer sunny and very exotic experiences. Bring your sunscreen and thin airy clothes.

Probably you do not know, but bambucha homeland is Haiti. It is world famous drink 'Fanta' through bambucha advertise your product. This is a gathering of young people dressed in colorful costumes against the exotic landscape that rejoice at will. This collection is typical of Haitians because they are cheerful and fun people who love to rejoice in nature of Haiti, in defiance of all natural disasters and bad rulers.

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