The most important attractions in Guna Yala

One places worth visiting if you are in Panama's San Blas archipelago or known locally as Guna Yala. These are small Caribbean islands far from the larger cities of Panama.

Each island is inhabited by Indians who live without electricity, water, internet and other amenities of the 21st century.

Extremely poor existence, but people are happy in their own way. A living by fishing and live in small bamboo huts. Let me just add that this wonderful place is part of the attractions of Panama, so take advantage of our other proposals in this part of the world.Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Guna Yala

Move with canoes called "Ulu" and speak a local indigenous language. Women are dressed in bright colored costumes to sew themselves.

The decoration of clothes with colorful beads and gold rings on the nose and ears. Guna Yala islands are accessible only by sea and rarely stray catamaran or yacht berth on one of the small islands in the area.

Paradise and peace springs from this charming place. Men fish with long canoes made of large trees and thanks to passing sailors could see even sails. In addition to everything described here, people grow corn, sugar cane and bananas. Coconuts also offered to nearby markets.

Seafood that is abundant in the Caribbean is mostly lobster, squid and octopus, which are a delicacy in nearby hotels. Most hotels in the area have Cartier and nearby towns.

Are small houses on the beach or in the nearby shallow waters of the lagoon. Most travel agencies offer only walk by speedboat between islands and possibly a visit to one of them if tourists want to buy local souvenirs.

If you're not pretentious tourists accustomed to the luxury of petzveznite hotels here in Guna Yala you'll like. The water is crystal clear and warm, the sand is white and fine. There are all conditions for a nice family vacation without spending much money.

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