Capture the spirit of the Mayan in Guatemala attractions

Guatemala attractions, especially those who are left behind by ancient civilizations lived before the arrival of Christopher Columbus is one of the most impressive in the world. Country in ancient times was inhabited by Mayan, which left many beautiful architectural monuments, the city of Tikal. Such structures are still preserved in Mexico and Honduras. Tikal is the most impressive Mayan city until the arrival of the colonists.

Its Guatemala attractions buildings were highest on the continent - a true majesty of ancient people. It stretches just 15 square kilometers. and according to archaeologists was inhabited by about 75,000 people. Generally big cities are in the mountains, as the oldest of them is Antigua.

Here you can see the remains of the ancient city before and after the arrival of the Spaniards. The city was the capital of the Spanish colonies in Central America to the tragic earthquake in 1773. Then the city was leveled and the capital moved to the present town of Guatemala City.

In the western part of the country is a great Guatemala attractions and crystal blue lake Atitlan. Around it there are many small towns that make their living from the waters of the lake. Bookmark and Share

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Guatemala Semuc Champey
bigest lake in Guatemala
laguna lodge in Guatemala
Semuc Champey falls in Guatemala
Semuc Champey in Guatemala
rainforest in Semuc Champey
Semuc Champey in Guatemala
Temple Maya city of Tikal
Tikal maya monument
Nature in Guatemala Champey River

The ancient city of Tikal in Guatemala attractions

This city - the starting point for visiting the city's lakeside villages Panajachel. Visit Tajumulco volcano that is the Guatemala attractions and a highest point in Central America. Nature in Guatemala is very beautiful, but the rivers are shallow and relatively short and thick forests and wetlands.

Attractive holiday in Guatemala attractions

Somehow, however, he was suddenly abandoned by the people who lived there for centuries. City of Tikal is located in Tikal National Park and watch the sunset from here is a real Guatemala attractions.

Try national cuisine of Guatemala, which includes meat, rice, beans and avocado, as well as local vegetables grown in the lowlands of the country. The beaches of Guatemala is relatively small and not well developed, but even so the prices are accessible for tourists.

There are numerous tourist ecotracks towards the Guatemalan jungle. You'll find some interesting although small waterfalls and the height will be surprised by the cries of monkeys in the trees. Visit the largest market in Guatemala Chitsitsastenango. Here are all sold souvenirs and handicrafts. This market has been an important commercial center in the area at the time of the Spanish occupation.

Traders who are mostly Indians sleep in the open at night to keep its goods and e Ayah arranged. At that time, they exchange news and abroad. Antigua attractions are numerous.

Here are some of Guatemala attractions: Parque Central, Iglesia de la Merced, Iglesia y Convento de Capuchinas, Catedral de San José, Monasterio de Santo Domingo and El Arco de Santa Catalina. Nature in Guatemala is amazing. Lush tropical forests and rich wildlife are a magnet for many tourists from around the world.

The Guatemala attractions are visited by about 800,000 tourists a year, the best time to visit is from November to April.

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