The most visited attractions in Guam

The most interesting and exotic attractions in Guam are part of the Mariana Islands. The largest of all the Mariana Islands area is only 541 km2 and is located in the western Pacific Ocean. Guam is distinguished from the other islands of the archipelago with its volcanic origin, dense tropical vegetation and historical monuments of the ancient Chamorro people.

The coastline is about 180 km, and the highest peak is Lamlam (407 m). Near the island of Guam in the southwest is the Mariana Trench 11022 meters. Rainfall is heavy, almost throughout the year, the climate is hot and humid with frequent typhoons in this region of the Pacific. Guam is a possession of the United States, in 1982, achieved partial autonomy.

There is a large U.S. military base, which provides work and home to a large population. The other part of the population is engaged in tourism. Tourists come to the island of Guam for its beautiful beaches covered with fine sand and palm forests, which provide a majestic shadow of the resting people. In fact, there are all water and tourist attractions that you remember. Bookmark and Share

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The most visited attractions in Guam

There are fishing, golf , surfing , scuba diving and more. Bay Tumon is the starting point of our walk begins on the island of Guam. Here the most hotels and restaurants.

At the opposite end of the tourist resort is the beach of weapons . You can still see the Japanese military equipment of World War II , although some already have been hidden by the jungle.

City Agana is another starting point of tourism on the island of Guam. There are many historic buildings , The Palace of G. Latte , parks and gardens to stroll .

The most popular attractions in Guam

Near the town is the ancient settlement of the people inhabited the island before the arrival of Europeans - Chamorro people. Similar settlement was Inaradzhan.

Represents bamboo housing arranged chaotically. Also visit the remains of the Baptist church, cave Gad and waterfall Talofofo. A walk in the hills ecotracks Hamayang, Umatac and Lamlam will reflect a tonic and enjoyable. For lovers of underwater diving offer this in the Barrier Reef to Cocos Island. Located 3 miles from Guam.

There are comfortable bathing lagoons and beautiful beaches serving under the palm trees. Unfortunately, the majority of the island is privately owned and is guarded by Coast police.

In conclusion we can say that Guam is actually part of the attractions of Micronesia, which is also good to visit as it is located in the area. Much of tourists visiting the attractions in Guam are Japanese, most likely because of the proximity of Japan as the most developed country in the region.

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