The most interesting tourist attractions in Guadeloupe

Marine tourist attractions in Guadeloupe not to be missed if you desire to visit these beautiful Antilles. Like Martinique, Guadeloupe is a former French colony managed through a referendum to separate from France and now a separate entity.

The main attractions in Guadeloupe are the two largest islands - Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre. Around these two islands there are several smaller, which are also beautiful and worth a walk by speedboat around them. These are Marie Galland island, the island of La Dezirad archipelago Pottering Ter. Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre are connected to each other by a narrow isthmus, which is quite built up with hotels.

The total coastline of Guadeloupe is more than 400 kilometers, covered with many beautiful beaches with fine sand. Interior of the island is covered with dense tropical vegetation, waiting to be visited by visitors who love nature. Actually the origin of Guadeloupe volcano and around the islands is a bulwark of coral reefs.

This is an ideal place for underwater fishing or just snorkeling. The climate is humid with frequent rain and an average annual temperature of 27 C ยบ. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Guadeloupe

International tourism is very well developed , and each year more than 350,000 tourists visit these incredibly beautiful islands. It is logical that most tourists are French and Americans.

The place is really fantastic because it is a combination of tropical paradise and European lifestyle. This is a dream vacation for each alien because there is really all you need - white sand , beautiful palm shadows , non-stop bars and restaurants , nice warm breeze from the ocean and wild natural landscape.

In the interior of the island rises active volcanoes , covered with dense vegetation that complement the overall view of the island of Guadeloupe .

Historical attractions in Guadeloupe

Of Basse-Terre is a beautiful active volcano named Soufriere 1467 m The whole area around the volcano enters the National Park of Guadeloupe.

There are specially designed tourist routes, including more large waterfalls - Carbet falls, monitoring of rare species of animals such as iguana and raccoon.

The park also includes the beautiful bay and the narrow strait. Soil, which covered the islands is very fertile and even hurricanes raging in the area, can not interfere with the plants to grow again. Restorations of the forest is very fast - if she comes alive before you.

From historical attractions in Guadeloupe can recommend: Fortress Fleur d'Epee, which was turned into a museum, Fort Napoleon and several lighthouse that helped shipping in bad weather and at night. Even some currently operational.

Do not forget to take your camera and save these beautiful attractions in Guadeloupe during your week family vacation. The most favorable time to visit tourist attractions in Guadeloupe is from November to May.

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