Beautiful beaches on Grenada

Grenada is located in the southeastern end of the archipelago in the Caribbean Lesser Antilles. Its area is only 311 square kilometers, as a medium-sized city in Europe, but with a very beautiful natural attractions.

Northeast of Grenada has several small islands that are referred to by the common name Grenada Southern Grenadines. Grenada is an island of volcanic origin, entirely plain covered with dense tropical vegetation.

The exception is the small hill Santa Caterina peak altitude 840 meters. The climate is subequatorial with rainfall above 1500 mm. very good conditions for sea tourism. Unfortunately, in this part of the Caribbean has many devastating hurricanes that wreak havoc on this beautiful island.

The capital is St. George with almost 40 000 people. Bookmark and Share

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The most interesting places on Grenada

The entire Grenada is built with one-and two-storey buildings, so can not understand in what place are you at the moment. Grenada was discovered by Hr. Columbus in 1498 and subsequently colonized by the Spaniards until 1650 Subsequently, a colony of France and finally England.

More of the population are Negroes and mulatto brought from Africa. In recent years, tourism on Grenada has increased by 130,000 tourists a year.

Grenada pearl in the Lesser Antilles

Natural attractions might mention three waterfalls Concord, at the foot of the bottom of them can bathe.

Visit the fish festival, held each Friday in the fishing village of Gouyave. For lovers of well-prepared fish kebabs offer fish, jacks, pizza with fish and fried fish. Grenada is offering one-day safari tours by speedboat . There is an opportunity during the walk to dive and explore the underwater beauty around the island .

Finally, I want to complete our short walk to the most beautiful beaches on Grenada . They are located in the southwestern part of the island, the sand is black and white , the water is warm year-round , and out to sea you can see beautiful coral gardens and marine life.

The most popular beach on Grenada is L Esterre Bay Beach, is covered with fine white sand, and around it there are beautiful hotels. It is important to know that there is a law that does not allow buildings on the island are higher than the palm trees in the area.

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