The power nature of Greenland

Nature of Greenland, the largest island in the world with wildlife, unknown to the people of the continent and is a paradise for researchers.

Also, Greenland is the nearest land to the north pole, and a national park established in 1974 with the same name and is the largest area of ‚Äč‚ÄčEarth. The park covers 30% of the total area in nature of Greenland, the main attractions are fjords, glaciers and mountains, during the short summer flora is very sparse. Main livelihood of the Greenlanders is fishing and ecotourism in recent years, although it is limited by the very short summer. Only parts of the land in coastal areas, and it is inhabited mainly in the southwestern part of the island. The most affected area of the Earth from global warming is the nature of Greenland. Polar bear is a symbol of this country.

Indigenous population is Inuit - Inuit do not like many foreigners, because they affect the pollution of Greenland. Infrastructure is underdeveloped, as it is impossible to build roads on the ice. The main mode of a water and air. The living conditions are very harsh. The temperature rarely goes zero degrees.

Only during the summer months it is positive. Bookmark and Share

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Tourism and the best attractions in nature of Greenland

Valizhite mostly snow. The specifics of Greenland climate is that day and night are not evenly distributed.

There are months when the sun never rises (November, December and January) and summer for three months the sun barely sets. It's hard to get used to such living conditions. There is snow and ice melt albeit briefly, thanks to the Gulf Stream. Very few people know that nature of Greenlandd is the world's first exporter of ice. It comes from the glaciers of 3 km deep inside the island and is preferred by the rich because of its density and its slow melting whiskey.

In Greenland Park you can see quite a variety of species such as arctic fox, arctic hare, musk bulls ermine and of course the polar bear.

Marine animals are found in the region whales, seals, beluga and narwhal.

Interest of visitors in recent years is great, but to visit the park you need special permission from the Greenlandic Ministry of Environment. Grelantsite live in small, colorful but very cozy houses.

Most large cities have a population of 1,500 to 2,000 people in the cities Tisiilaq and Kulusuk. It is well preserved Inuit culture, local crafts and dances from 100 years ago. Tasiylaya City is the most beautiful village in Greenland. The river that divides the town into two parts and pass through the Valley of flowers reveals the incredible nature of the unique Arctic flora in the region.

During the winter months, this can be seen the Northern Lights, no accident in the city's commercial center and established the Danish mission. Tisiilaq over the past 20 years offers tourists all the comforts of civilization as a modern city and saved. There's houses since the founding of the city in 1884. Not accidentally nature of Greenland attracts researchers with adventurous spirit who want to feel the strength and power of nature.

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