Favorite tourist attractions in Greece

One of the oldest attractions in Greece are among the most visited on earth. Hellenistic culture was the leading in ancient times, are preserved some of the most beautiful works of art, such as records and mosaics.

Despite the problems of Greece in economic terms, the country remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Beautiful scenery of Greece, and in particular its islands, of which 60 are inhabited helps to spend a great vacation here. Attractions in Greece are mostly associated with its ancient history. You can easily combine a romantic holiday on an exotic beach while visiting interesting historic sites. Here is our list of the most important attractions in Greece:

Athens - Greece's capital and largest city. The landmarks of Greece for the millions of visitors to Athens are Benaki Museum, the National Archaeological Museum and of course the Acropolis, symbol of the city.

Santorini - a circular archipelago in the Aegean Sea, famous for its volcanic islands. The main tourist attractions in Greece is here the city, located high in the rocks. The view from the terraced buildings is amazing. Another characteristic of the city is its whitewashed houses. Athos - this is one of the most interesting attractions in Greece, because that is inhabited only by monks and entry in this field is very limited and only by men. Bookmark and Share

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The most magnificent attractions in Greece

Actually it is an autonomous region of Halkidiki with 20 Orthodox monasteries and 1400 monks under Greek sovereignty.

Meteora - the most spectacular landmarks in Greece, consisting of six monasteries on top of the six rock edge. Access to some of them is quite difficult because of steep steps. First monastery built here in the 14th century. Provisions for monks picked up by networks tied to ropes.

Beautiful natural attractions in Greece

Mykonos - it is a top tourist attractions in Greece in the Aegean Sea. The city is visited mainly because of its attractive nightlife, small whitewashed houses that form a kind of maze and incredibly beautiful beach.

Delphi  Theatre - an ancient temple and the most important place in the ancient Greek religion, built on a hill and was originally designed for 4,000 standing places, but if necessary, gather 5000. Today it is one of the greatest tourist landmarks in Greece.

Lindos - an ancient settlement on the island of Rhodes. One of the attractions in Greece is the Acropolis of Lindos, which overlooks the city and offers exceptional views of the beach and Lindos Saint Pauls, as well as nearby ports.

Samaria Gorge - an 16 km canyon of Crete, in which nature lovers in Greece can enjoy. 250,000 tourists each year pass through forests of ancient cypresses and pines, and in the cliffs. The transition has a duration 4-7 hours. If you want to visit more landmarks in Crete, you will need a Rental Center Crete that will save a lot of time and money.

Corfu - island in the Ionian Sea and a wonderful for lovers attractions in Greece azure waters. The coastline is 217 km. The island has many historic monuments.

Mystras - city with many ruins from the distant past of the Peloponnese peninsula. Located very close to the place where he was the city of Sparta. It was the last capital of the Byzantine Empire before entering the Ottoman Empire.

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