The most important attractions in Andros Island

Greece Sightseeing on Andros Island, the northern Cycladic island, which boasts a lush greenery in the south, but also a fairly burnt and barren land to the north. The fields of the island are separated by high stone fences, typical of the Greek islands. The rich history and beautiful beaches have long turned Andros into a desirable destination for wealthy tourists, including the wealthy Athenians.

The capital of the island is the town of Andros, located on the east coast of the island, 20 km away from the main port of Gavrio. The capital is an elegant city with magnificent neoclassical buildings and is the place where some of the richest shipowners in Greece live. Cairi Square is the central square of the city, located in the Riva district, and the Archaeological Museum, built in 1981.

The most famous exhibit of the museum is a statue of Hermes, dating back to the 2nd century BC, which is a copy of the original bronze statue dating back to the 4th century. From Kairi Square through a pass you will reach a labyrinth of streets forming the old town of Andros, which is wedged between two beautiful bays - Paraporti and Nimporio.

The narrow streets lead to the windy Riva Square at the end of the peninsula, set in the sea and dominated by the heroic statue of the Unknown Sailor, the work of Michalis Tompros. On the way back to the center of the town is the Panagia Theoskapasti church, built in 1555. And dedicated to Our Lady. Stenis is the next interesting city on the island, 6 km away. Northwest of the city of Andros. The town is beautiful and popular among wealthy families. Under Stenis is the famous Jalia beach, where, besides many sand, there are also several great taverns where you can eat fresh fish. Bookmark and Share

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There are a number of pristine sandy beaches, water facilities, wild mountains and a wonderful network of hiking trails that will allow you to venture out of nature.

The next town, which you should stop during your visit to Andros, is the town of Messaria, which is 8 km away. Southwest of the Andros capital. A little above Messaria is the village of Menites, known for its beautiful lion's heads, from which water flows. Several kilometers southwest after Monastery is Moni Panagurutu. This is a wonderful monastery located 230 meters to the sea level.

To get to it, you have to walk from Messaria along a beautiful path, but the road takes about two hours, or you can start your walk from the capital Andros - but the distance is longer and takes three hours. Otherwise, the monastery itself was founded in 961. By Nikifor Fokas, who later became a Byzantine Emperor as a reward for his help in the liberation of Crete from the Arab occupation.

The fortified monastery was built in Byzantine style and today is inhabited by a few monks. The church has many treasures, including the skull of Agios Panteleimon, which is believed to have healing power. The next landmark of the island that deserves to visit is Palikastro. Built during the Venetian rule of the island, somewhere in the early 13th century, Palikastro is high on a mountain plateau. It is also known as the old man's castle because of the story of a woman who betrayed the Venetians to the Turks in the 16th century.

After cheating, she opened the castle doors for the Turks. Terrified by the bloody slaughter that followed, she threw herself from the rocks near Cortio. Another beautiful place on the island is Matssey. It is a small resort town shaped around a beautiful sandy bay. Matsi has a small fishing port and offers its visitors a labyrinth of narrow streets. Despite the lively nightlife, Matsi has retained its rural atmosphere. The main beach is popular among families, while Delavigias beach is favored by nature lovers.

From Gavrio, for an hour's walk, the tower of Agios Petros is the best preserved antique monument of the whole island. The tower rises to a height of 20 meters, and upstairs has reached an internal ladder, and the tower once had a dome. The goal of the tower remains a mystery, although it is supposed to have served as an observatory to protect against attacks by pirates.

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