Breathtaking photos of rafting in Grand Canyon

Extremely exciting experience on the Colorado River is rafting in Grand Canyon. In state of Arizona USA is the most famous canyon in the world, that over the Colorado River. They call it the Grand Canyon because it's huge and majestic. It is located in the high plateaus and was named in 1919 for the U.S. National Park - one of the seven natural wonders of the earth. Natural attractions in Colorado stretches over an area of ​​320 km.

There are three tourist routes, which leave the tourists, namely Canabae in Utah Page in Arizona and Flagstaff.

From the north the road is more surrounded, but not charged, while the south is more accessible, but in the summer is very busy. Either route has several small hotels and camping sites, comfortable holiday. During the summer, Grand Canyon is very hot and stuffy, and just before it a 12 km road becomes dirt. Local guides offer from north to go on the trails because they are more accessible and more convenient for panoramic photos.

The northern part of the Grand Canyon is a high altitude and desert. The rock formations are very massive and fascinating, such as the size of the rocks is decisive. Since the area is very desert and rocky, with the exception of the river that defines the small animals that live in the Grand Canyon.Bookmark and Share

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Travel and rafting in Grand Canyon, USA

With luck during the tour you can see the sky or the California condor in the crevices of rocks U.S. coyote, skunk and lynx. The attractions of the park are limited to how to better observed the Grand Canyon.

Attractive adventure rafting in Grand Canyon

For rich travelers of course, offer helicopter flight or a small plane. For other visitors walk with a donkey or foot. In 2007 was inaugurated the biggest attraction of the Grand Canyon –  called Skywalk, Grand Canyon. Looking at the facility from above, it is clear a large horseshoe hanging over a cliff hundreds of feet. Initially you can chill Disembodied height and you get dizzy because your expected down 240-foot cliff.

Platform itself is 1450 meters altitude. For people with adventurous spirit offers rafting on the rapids of the Colorado. Get ready for a dangerous and thrilling experience in the murky waters of the river. It is accepted at the end of the rafting  to give a tip between $ 5 - $ 15 per person for the driver of the boat, according to how it is presented. Similar conditions for downhill fast river only in Africa - Zambezi rafting.

Bring also two liters of water a day, and insect sprays. By the way Grand Canyon in Colorado is not the deepest canyon in the world. In Nepal, Kali Gandaki Gorge is the deepest gorge in the world. It can also be noted that in Australia Capertee Valley is much wider than the Grand Canyon - one kilometer.

But attractive advertising in the U.S. and most of the canyon area assign it one of the seven natural wonders of the earth. Until the arrival of Europeans Grand Canyon in Colorado has been inhabited by Native Americans. This natural education is visited by 5,000,000 tourists annually. It is good to know that even though it is quite attractive Grand Canyon in Colorado is quite presumptuous dangerous place for tourists and photographers. So be alert and use the services of the rangers. Walk only in well-known and researched terrain for you satisfied with this wonderful nature walks.

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