Best preserved Gothic cathedrals

Gothic cathedrals are very beautiful and magnificent architectural buildings, which have nothing to do with the tribe of Goths. This is an architectural style that originated in the 12th century, first in France and later throughout Western Europe until the late 16th century. Typical of this style is emphasized vertical position, pointed arch, ribbed vault and flying buttress (buttresses). It is interesting to note that the Gothic style was rapidly applied in many palaces, castles and town halls in Europe. This medieval rulers have demonstrated their wealth and grandeur and beauty of the approved Gothic architecture. This is the largest and most beautiful Gothic cathedrals in Europe.

St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna. Symbol of the castles in Austria capital that has survived through many wars. At the time of Rudolf IV, Duke of Austria in the 14th century began the construction of a place of two old churches. Typical of this cathedral is colored tile roof added in 1952.

Burgos Cathedral - located in Burgos, built in 1221 at a very large area. It is dedicated to the Holy Mother of Mary and has a unique Gothic ornaments. It is interesting that the construction lasted almost 300 years. Bookmark and Share

Gothic cathedrals photo gallery

Milan gothic architecture
Notre Dame gothic architecture
Chartres Cathedral
Burgos gothic architecture
Seville gothic architecture
Cologne gothic architecture
York Minster gothic architecture
Reims gothic architecture
St. Stephen's gothic architecture
Santa Maria del Fiore gothic architecture

Amazing Gothic cathedrals

Reims Cathedral - located 130 kilometers from the capital of France, Paris. Typical of this Gothic cathedral is that in the past there have been crowned French kings.

Gothic cathedral in Milan - Very beautiful and very fresh, even though it is 600 years old. Located in central Milan, this attractions in Italy was built in the late Gothic architectural style. Also known by the name of the Duomo di Milano - one of the largest known building of attractions in Europe.

Seville Cathedral – this building demonstrates the grandeur and richness of Seville, Spain attractions during and after the Reconquest.   It is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world and the third largest among the churches.

The most visited Gothic cathedrals in the world

York Minster - the largest Gothic cathedral in northern Europe. Located in York, England. Notre Dame de Paris - this is the most famous gothic cathedral in the world, perhaps because it is located in Paris and the Parisians who make advertising on it. And construction began in 1163 and ended in 1345 with a very beautiful cathedral very well preserved sculptures and stained glass.

Cologne Cathedral - a very famous Gothic cathedral stands out with its 157 meters height. The cathedral is named after saints Peter and Mary and holds the record for the biggest wall in the world. Construction starts in 1248 with few interruptions finally completed after 600 years.

Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore - was built in the years 1296 - 1436 year, located in Florence, the city's symbol. Interesting is the outer lining of the cathedral - polychrome marble panels in shades between pink and gray. Basilica has the largest dome in the world built entirely of bricks.

Chartres Cathedral or better known as Notre Dame de Chartres. Located near Paris and is very well preserved examples of fine Gothic architecture.

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