Tourist destination Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay is a very attractive tourist destination in Alaska for its glacial landscape. It is best to schedule this amazing tour to become a cruise ship.

The story of this American landmark is very interesting because it comes before the opening. This southeastern region of Alaska has been visited many times over the past two centuries.

First Glacier Bay is near the area of ​​the gold rush of 1890, but most people have assumed the existence of this natural wonder, because at that time the glaciers were completely covered with snow and have reached the ocean.

As a consequence of global warming the glaciers began to melt and bare cliffs in wondrous formations. George Vancouver in 1794 when their voyages in the region failed to see Glacier Bay, because it does not yet exist. Bookmark and Share

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Bay and the glaciers in Glacier Bay

For 85 years the glaciers stepped back up so that in 1879 the American scientist John Muir comes across impressively beautiful view. At the time the glaciers retreated about 100 km into the bay.

In the same year John Muir climbed the highest peak in the Park Glacier Bay - Mount Fairweather 4670 m.

Year over 400,000 tourists visit the reserve Glacier Bay cruise mostly, there is a daily limit for entering the bay vessels. The biggest attraction for visitors to this natural feature is the slide of the glacier.

Short description of Glacier Bay

If you are lucky you are in the right place at the right time you will be able to enjoy a very unusual sight. The phenomenon is irreversible and every year one kilometer barren rocks and soils are submitted under the thick ice.

The landscape is changing, and so periodically maps in the region are changing.

The best time to visit is during the spring autumn months of the year in Alaska. Nature testers observed in recent years, increasing the population of animals in Glacier Bay.

Common sight to encounter humpback whales as predators and herbivores. Quantity of fallen snow is less than melt in glaciers. This interesting finding is best observed in Glacier Margerie, who lost in Tar Bay.

Due to the increased interest in this area of Alaska has territorial disputes between Canada and the U.S.. Let me just remind you that the most famous and visited attraction in Alaska remains Denali National Park, mostly due to the fact that there is the highest peak in North America - Mount McKinley.

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