The most important attractions in Gili Air

Gili Air beaches , the perfect place for your vacation. Getting on this exotic island immediately falls in love. Why, the answer is simple, do not live local people. Gili Air beaches clean and tidy, truly paradise charm. Dream holiday in full brilliance.

Small straw bungalows under the palm trees can be seen anywhere along the coastline. Even during the day there is cool, and the water is transparent, in other words absolute calm. I call it an exclusive tourism. I also want to mention the bamboo bars along the coast, the coral lagoon and the beautiful underwater world, these are just some of the landmarks of Gillian's beaches. The only inconvenience, if one can be so expressed, is the coral barrier, which prevents it from swimming anywhere in the lagoon. Near the harbor is the only place where diving is possible. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Gili Air

There is the seabed that attracts divers from the three islands near Lombok. Let me just mention them briefly.

Gili Air , on which we hired a bungalow and motorboat, Gili Meno Island and Gili Trawangan Island. But to return to Gili Air beaches , a small pearl in the Indian Ocean, joy for the eye, pleasure for the senses, and of course nirvana for my body. It is a total delight, as I have written several times in previous articles, to make things happen by lazily or lazy people (the local population) to get the Cayman Islands or the Bahamas tourist attractions.

This is the situation. That's what happened to Gillian, even more, because everything built is in sync with nature here. Just and cozy there are no idiot resorts.

From the point of view of infrastructure, Gili Air is the least developed compared to the neighboring two islands. Here it is entirely reliant on tourists and explorers who go through for a few days and never come back again.

Most visitors prefer Gillian's exotics because they feel part of a local community. Intense is not very reliable, but there are several places in Ozzy Shop. Here you can rent a bicycle and tour Gili Air for a few hours. Surf conditions are not because the coral reef does not allow this attraction.

The waves are quite large and for this reason safety measures are imperative. This sport can be practiced on the neighboring Lombok island.

Everything here is pretty cheap and you can buy a bungalow or boat rent is recommended. It can be said that with 20 dollars a day can safely take a day. We were one of the lucky ones who spent several days on Gili Air beaches .

Cars and bikes are forbidden on Gili Air as well as on the other two neighboring islands under local regulations, so the best way to get around is bicycles and horses. Diving around Gili Air is only allowed in two locations around the island where plenty of fish life and attractive coral formations are many.

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