Most intriguing attractions in Ghana

According to some explorers the African continent, attractions in Ghana are not much impressive, because the country hundreds of years was a colony of Portugal, Holland and England. Moreover, in the past, Ghana was the center of slavery. Hundreds of thousands of future slaves were landed in Ghana and subsequently transported to South America.

On the other hand believe that the minerals in the country are much more than other African countries. If you decide to visit this poor country , let me give you useful information about the most important sights in Ghana that you should not miss. Castle Cape Coast - It's a fortress on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, which there are many along the coast of Ghana. In the beginning was used for depots and a center of international trade, especially with the Netherlands and Sweden.

Later , when slave traders used the underground prison and a warehouse for slaves. In 1664 the British established in Cape Coast castle and turn it into a central colonial headquarters. At the moment castle walls and cannons are well maintained and the castle itself, which is a museum of history is pretty neglected. Near Cape Coast is another landmark in Ghana - Castle'' St. George''. The whole complex of impressive stone buildings and walls built by the Portuguese in 1482 to guard the mining and export of gold for the then mighty Portugal. 150 years later the Dutch captured the fort St. George and turn it into a center for slaves. Bookmark and Share

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Top 10 attractions in Ghana

The capital of Ghana is Accra and no different from the capitals of the neighboring countries of Ghana, Ivory Coast , Burkina Faso and Togo . According to the latest crime statistics in African capitals , Accra is one of the safest . There are several places that are worth your attention.

First of course the National Museum , which holds the wonderful works of art and culture , before and after the period of the slave trade .

Makola Market - extremely colorful market where you can get lost while browsing the catalog merchants. In coastal areas of Accra are the most beautiful beaches in Ghana. The beaches are hotels and resorts for tourists and visitors

For those of you who like nature walks can offer National Park Mole. It is the largest wildlife park in Ghana and located in the northeastern part of this beautiful country. It is desirable to make a safari park with an armed escort of course, you can go deep in the Mole National Park and enjoy the animals in the African region - elephants, antelopes, warthogs, buffalo and recently imported lions in the reserve . It is recommended that this be done in the dry months of January – March. Of the attractions in Ghana can mention the former capital of the Kingdom of Ashanti - Kumasi city.

In the past it was the center of gold and crafts such as carving and weaving cloth. All this plus exquisite jewelery craftsmen can be seen in the National Cultural Centre . Natural attractions in Ghana can add Lake Volta.

The only lake that is subsequently made dam , which is used for fishing , irrigation, electricity and transport artery . There is a large passenger vessel that orbits this internal body of water and said Yapei Queen.

In 24 hours the vessel crosses from north to Yeji dam city Akosombo in the south. In Ghana, there are not many waterfalls, because the land is flat, but there is a waterfall that is not very tall, but very beautiful water falls because of a stepped cascade - Kintampo Falls.

This waterfall is not very deep and therefore tourists and locals bathe in its waters. Attractions in Ghana are many and varied, so we hope to have helped a bit, if you are planning a trip to this African country.

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