Medieval castles, attractions in Germany

Castles in Germany are only part of the medieval attractions in Germany. We'll meet with ten of the most important castles that you must visit if you are traveling in western Europe. Great similarity in the architectural relationship between the castles in Austria and French castles, show common features in the medieval construction of these grand buildings. Germany and most Western European countries - Austria, France and others has many stone castles and forts with turrets that are real attraction for turistit worldwide. These attractions in Germany show us how they lived German nobility in the Middle Ages. The interior of these architectural landmarks like tales in our childhood. Most castles are far from major cities, deep in the German state. Here are popular attractions in Germany and its preserved medieval castles. Frankenstein Castle - located near the city of Darmstadt and was the residence of the Counts of Hesse Darmstadt. The castle itself has worldwide popularity of the character of the writer Mary Shelley novel. Writer was staying in this castle just one night and dreamed of the future hero of the novel.

Schloss Charlottenburg - Castle with 400 years of history, the summer residence of the kings of Prussia. Here are transferred annually classical concerts that take us back in time to the German Baroque. The palace is very near Berlin and is one of the attractions in Germany. Bookmark and Share

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Ancient landmarks in Germany
Germany Charlottenburg castle
Germany Frankenstein castle
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The most wonderful attractions in Germany

Moritzburg Castle - a popular attraction in Germany, near Dresden. The interior of the castle is a museum of porcelain, and in some corridors and halls have large collection of hunting trophies of former residents.

Lyovenburg Castle - very beautiful castle with many spiers in the Bavarian Alps. Built on the orders of Wilhelm IX to demonstrate their wealth and spending his free time with his mistress. The palace is also known as Lion Castle came from Disney movies.

Amazing tourist attractions in Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle - Also called Swan Stone is located at the foot of Mount Zugspitze - the most visited attractions in Germany.

Neuschwanstein Castle is a typical representative of the authentic style of the old knight's castle in Germany.

Hohenzollern Castle - Incredibly beautiful castle, seat of the German emperors in the past of the Prussian kings. It rises to a height of 855 meters and the view in all directions of the valley is magnificent. In 1423, after 10 months of siege, the castle was captured and destroyed. Present form this attractions in Germany owes it to the Prussian King.

Hohenschwangau Castle - Bavarian castle built by the Knights of Schwangau in the 12th century. 400 years later the castle was abandoned and half destroyed. After the Napoleonic wars in 1809 to Germany this attraction is restored by King Maximilian II. Currently Hohenschwangau Castle Museum is visited by over 300,000 tourists annually.

Castle Schwerin - Schwerin located on the island, it is ideal for a Sunday drive thousands of tourists who visit each year. Over the years, the palace was home to Obotrite (Slav peoples), Henry the Lion, Pribislav, Teachers College and the seat of parliament.

Katz Castle - Located on a beautiful hill in the Rhine Valley. The walls are from the 14th century, and later rehabilitation of domestic buildings, it is home to the Counts Katzenelbogen. In practice, the castle was impregnable of the river. Over the centuries it has served charging both salmon fishing and transit fees.

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