Historical and natural landmarks in Georgia

The greatest natural beauties and attractions in Georgia are located between the mountains small Caucasus and Great Caucasus.

While the geographical position of the country in the continent of Asia , most Georgians belong to the European nations. For this reason, in recent years, Georgia is oriented towards European values and integration into the EU. Historically there are many great similarity between cultural monuments in Georgia and attractions in Armenia, because in the past these territories belonged to a kingdom and have had a common history.

87% of the territory of Georgia mountains, although the country has a coastline on the Black Sea. For this reason, natural landmarks in Georgia are all more or less connected with it. The border between Russia and Georgia is the highest mountain Kazbek 5047 m in the mountain range Khokh.

Relatively easy to climb especially in the summer and the seventh largest in the Caucasus Mountains . Around Mount Kazbek whole area was declared a reserve with many beech and mountain meadows. Another interesting landmark in Georgia is Lake Ritsa, located in the northwestern part of the country in disputed territories of Abkhazia. Bookmark and Share

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Tourist landmarks in Georgia

The water is crystal clear and very cold even in summer, but in contrast, can take a boat trip, which is a little romantic adventure. Be sure to visit the capital Tbilisi and fortress Narikala.

Narikala Fortress is a historic landmark in Georgia, a sort of citadel that towers over Tbilisi and if you visit, you will enjoy panoramic views of the city. It was built in the 4th century, but the greater part of the fortification from the period 16-17 century. Interesting historical attraction is the ancient rock city Uplistsikhe

The most visited landmarks in Georgia

Located in the eastern part of Georgia and is one of the oldest urban settlements in the country. Some of the houses are dug into the rock without any decoration inside, used for centuries for temporary shelters conquerors. These were the Mongol tribes and the Turkish invasion.

Also visit the cave city Vardzia or known as cave monastery Vardzia. Represents a cut in the rock complex that served as a refuge during the Iranian attacks from the south. In the eastern part of Georgia is the National Reserve Vashlovani.

Extremely interesting for its rock formations and canyons . Wonderful place for nature walks accessible destination in the summer. The climate in Georgia is subtropical , winter is not very cold , because the Caucasus Mountains serve as a natural barrier to invasion from the north cold weather fronts. There are over 25,000 rivers, the longest is the Kura River , which runs through the capital Tbilisi. As we write to let records mention the deepest cave Voronya also known by the name Krubera.

Depth and reaches over 2 km, although the researchers is much deeper. Our little walk in places in Georgia will end with historical monuments located in a beautiful valley in Upper Svaneti. There are many well-preserved churches and fortifications built during 9-12 century. It's all part of the historical heritage.

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