Beautiful Gambier Islands in the Pacific Ocean

Gambier Islands are located in the southeastern part of French Polynesia, little known to people because of their remoteness and small size. The largest island of the archipelago is the island of Gambier Mangareva. Here the population is most numerous, about 1,600 people.

Around the island there are several shallow reefs and small islands as Taravai and Akamaru, atolls Morane, Maria Est and Temoe. To be more specific, culture and lifestyle of the local people much like those of the Marquesas Islands. To reach this beautiful Pacific archipelago should be only water from the island of Tahiti.

An interesting fact is that in the last century the islands were logistic center of the French naval forces for nuclear tests on nearby atoll Mururoa. Bookmark and Share

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Gambier islands peace and comfort of Pacific

Another interesting fact is that large islands are volcanic in nature and coral atolls are. Natural beauty of the archipelago is obvious and well worth a visit, even for a few days.

The most interesting attractions is the island of Mangareva. In Rikitea can see how pearls are grown in the so-called pearl farms. There is little choice of hotels, which are freehold luxury homes.

Only one day to tour the highest point of the Gambier Islands Mont Duff and Rikitea Ruins. Let's note that before the arrival of Europeans in these lands, often phenomenon was cannibalism.

So while viewing the remains of an ancient settlement will feel the dark sinister atmosphere of this place. Last place worth visiting in Rikitea's Cathedral St Michel. Built 140 years ago by white limestone and well decorated from the inside is the only place where you can pray of God.

Gambier islands you can swim in the crystal clear warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, to dive in the shallow lagoon or enjoy the aquatic life in the reefs. Peace and quiet is of deserted beaches on the island and the island Taravai Akamaru.

The best time to visit the Gambier Islands of French Polynesia is in all months of the year, because they are almost on the equator.

Another important thing to Gambier Islands, they are the starting point to Pitcairn Island, just 30 hours away by boat too far but a paradise for nature lovers. If you own a yacht or catamaran can go to the Marquesas Islands, where you expect many more surprises and exciting experiences.

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