Natural and historical places in Gambia

A quick look at the geographical places in Gambia shows that this West African country is small in size but very well preserved in natural plan. Gambia is a flat country lying on both sides of the longest river of the same name.

The climate is humid equatorial with frequent monsoons that bring rain from the Atlantic Ocean. Around the River Gambia vegetation is evergreen forests and remote places savannah. Tourists mostly looking for suitable beaches on which to relax.

The beach is not very long and most beautiful beaches are maintained and around the capital Banjul. In this small but beautiful city you can walk to the National Museum, the two Catholic cathedrals and several mosques.

Do not miss a boat trip along the River Gambia. This attraction of the Gambia is primarily for people who prefer the romance and tranquility of the water. While swimming in the river you can fish or shoot with a camera at large wild animals in the water around it.

In the dense mangroves, marshes and extensive peanut fields teeming with animals. In the river there are crocodiles, hippos and river dolphins. Bookmark and Share

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Top 7 attractions in Gambia

A strong banks will hear cries of baboons, gazelles, dragons and splashes of rare bird species. Do not miss the natural phenomenon Senegambian stone circles and their mysterious appearance .

According to legend, buried here chiefs of tribes who inhabited these lands before 1200 years . The stones have a reddish tinge, very hard and are cut and separated from the land in which they are placed.

If you hit the right time can witness of Gambian struggles organized in the town of Serekunda . The population of the Gambia respect their traditions and keep them for future generations. The old songs are stored and distributed by traveling singers " Griots".

The songs have a lot of history. One of the few natural attractions is the National Reserve Abuko. Over 30,000 visitors a year visit this park. There are several eco trails for visitors of the park that lead to freshwater lakes Bamboo.

Hire a guide who will show you around the park to the best places to view birds and animals without disturbing them. Another national park is Kiang West - quite neglected and underdeveloped infrastructure destroyed by frequent fires.

Near the park has a beach for tourists who pass through the borders of the reserve. At the mouth of the River Gambia has an island named Kunta Kinteh or Fort James. Since the elevation of the island is small , it is often inundated by flood waters .

The island has a fort built by the French and British. The time now is quite damaged, but there is restoration. The most favorable time to stay in The Gambia is in November to March.

Although the Gambia on all sides except the west has border with Senegal , this does not mean that the attractions in Senegal have something in common with those in the Gambia. Only natural resources alike - mostly flora and fauna.

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