Natural and cultural attractions in Gabon

Given what countries in the Gulf of Guinea, attractions in Gabon remain little ignored. It is obvious that the country can not be measured with attractions in Ghana or landmarks in Nigeria, but this French-speaking country has a place on the tourist map of the world.

Gabon too recently been released by the totalitarian regime and take the road of development. There is enough natural attractions that are worth visiting. First we can mention the efforts of the authorities to preserve the flora and fauna around the largest river in Gabon - River Ogooue.

To be more precise, the biggest attractions in Gabon for natural parks and protected areas. The first place among them are: National Park Loango - located in the western part of Gabon and is a mixture of African savannah, lush rainforests, lagoons and the ocean all in one place.

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Main attractions in Gabon

From the shores of the ocean can be seen a large concentration of whales and orcas, place compared with the attractions in South Africa. Also visit the African rainforest Lambarene located Ogooue River National Park or Mayumba, on the Atlantic Ocean.

One of the most remote and inaccessible parks in Gabon National Park Ivindo. There are actually two largest and most beautiful waterfalls in Gabon - Makokou waterfall and waterfall Kongou.

Compare them with Niagara Falls in water flow. The path to them is difficult and you may have to camp in the rainforest.

The most visited attractions in Gabon

The central part of Gabon is National Park Lope. This is the first protected area in Gabon. Represents a mix of savanna and rainforest. Tourists stay in small huts near the forest and walk it with jeeps.

The capital of Gabon is Libreville. Here is concentrated one-third of the population. However, the most famous attraction in Gabon is Circus Leconi. A red colored circus canyon with many interesting stone forms near the border with Congo.

It is located 120 km from the city of Franceville. Overall international tourism in Gabon is underdeveloped because of poor advertising, poor infrastructure and remoteness. Other attractions in Gabon will mention only: Bongolo Caves, Lastourville Caves, Ivela Falls - Nyanga, Mingouli Falls, Tsengue Leledi Falls, Poubara Falls, Doudou Mountains, Mount Seni and Mbe Crystal Mountains and more.

You could even say that in the cities the roads are without asphalt coating. Along the Atlantic Ocean also not well established resorts except the area around the capital, Libreville.

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