Natural and historical attractions in French Guiana

Historically attractions in French Guiana is most closely associated with mainland France. Dependence is very high, because France is a member of the European Union and as French Guiana is an overseas territory, it automatically becomes a member of the European Union.

The most important and world famous attractions in French Guiana is Kourou spaceport. You may remember in the 80's and 90's of last century attempts of Europe to respond successfully to the U.S. and Russia in the conquest of space. By Ariane rockets brought quite artificial satellites of the Earth.

French Guiana is located in the northern part of South America and is bordered by Suriname and Brazil. Highest administrative and cultural center is the city of Cayenne. Here is also the majority of the country population. The climate is hot and humid with frequent rainfall because of its proximity to the equator.

Topography of French Guiana is plain in the north and in the central and southern areas is covered with plateaus. As a whole, Guyana's agricultural country, which produces rice, bananas, sugar cane, corn and others. Bookmark and Share

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Top 10 attractions in French Guiana

The country relies heavily on the help of France and boasts a higher standard of living than neighboring countries. Guyana is the only country in South America except Brazil, where the main language is not Spanish.

Nature in this beautiful country is very well preserved, especially in the interior where there are tropical jungles.

Tourists rarely visit these areas are a paradise for eco-tourism. The biggest landmark is the Guiana Amazonian National Park. It stretches for 40% of the territory of French Guiana. Easiest way to get into the park on water. Popular historical attractions in French Guiana are Fort Diamond and Square Grenoble.

Located in the capital Cayenne, which concentrates 50% of the population. Here carnivals are common, and splendor not inferior to Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

The most visited attractions in French Guiana

Do not miss the tropical Islands of Salvation. This archipelago consists of three major islands of Saint Joseph, Royal Islands and Island of the devil. As a French prison in the past were overflowing with prisoners, they had to be transported to the island of salvation.

There is still preserved buildings of prison and some are now converted into hotels for tourists. In fact, these islands are very attractive and beautiful. Are converted into a real paradise for visitors who can hardly be convinced that here people have suffered in their homeland.

Conveniences are many and the beaches are lined with palm vegetation. And our last offer for nature lovers. Those of you who love animals, you can see how the wild sea turtles lay their eggs and then look at how small the saving of water after they hatch.

You can see the beach Awala-Yalimapo, which is located on the western sea of French Guiana to the border with Suriname.

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