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Ten of the most beautiful French castles

French castles are one of the most impressive in the world. These are some of the French tourist attractions in general and visited annually by millions of visitors. Generally French castles are very similar to those of castles in Czech Republic, attractions in Germany and attractions in Belgium. Here are the 10 most beautiful French castles on the Loire river:

Palace of Fontainebleau - it is located fifty miles from the French capital Paris and served as a royal hunting lodge, as it is located in a beautiful wooded area. The castle is also known as Napoleon's headquarters shortly before exiled to the island of Saint Helena.

Castle Chenonceau - one of the most elegant French castles called "Ladies Castle" because it lived several important female personages. Later it was called the castle of love. Around the castle are special embankments of the river Cher. In this way have made many beautiful gardens reserved for tourists today.

Cheverny Castle - very symmetrical castle, situated in the picturesque valley of the river Loire in the Renaissance style of Louis XIII. Of interest are the castle roofs that are in different styles and belfry. Bookmark and Share

Top 10 French castles photo gallery

French Amboise castle
French Chambord castle
French Chenonceau castle
Cheverny castle
Fontainebleau castle in france
French Langeais castle
French Loire castle
Loire Use castle
Pierrefonds castle
Villandry castle

Castle Loire Use - Castle was built in the 15th century on the site of an old castle in the Loire Valley. It was here that Charles Perrault wrote the fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty". Today the castle is a collection of figures of people dressed in medieval clothes.

Tour of the French castles on the Loire River

Amboise Castle - Castle is a complete building structure in the shape of a trapezoid. It is used by the French people for a peaceful and romantic. Make an impression collection of furniture, tapestries special workmanship, with that characterize French attractions.

Pierrefonds Castle - built 600 years ago is different from other French castles on the Loire River in that it was a military fortress, which for 200 years has repeatedly pillaged. She was pretty neglected and destroyed before Napoleon to buy it at a fraction of the time money. In the 19th century the castle was designated as a cultural heritage of France and is mainly reconstructed.

The unique French castles of the Middle Ages

Langeais Castle - built for a record time of 4 years. Here is the oldest battle tower in France. In one of the halls of the castle has been preserved by wax figures at the wedding of Ana Breton and SharlVIII.

Chambord Castle - is one of the most beautiful French castles with palace fortifications in Renaissance architectural style. Like most French castles on the Loire River, and this is surrounded by a deep moat. Behind the castle walls there are many beautifully designed park and gardens.

Castle Villandry - built on the site of the feudal possession in the Renaissance style. Today the castle, situated as two rectanngular wings, is fully reconstracted for visitors. The windows are large and elongated horizontal well decorated cornices and skylights.

Castle Menthon St. Bernard - was built on a high rock near the French Alps. From the castle opens a great views over Lake Annecy. Builders not forget to add to the roof spiers that are emblematic of its time. Do not miss the world famous French attractions such as fine French castles of the the Loire River.

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