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Ecotourism Fraser Island, Australia

East of Australia is sandy island known as Fraser Island. Just a few miles away from southeast Queensland through a shallow strait, which is good to cross by ferry. Here come mostly people, nature lovers seeking solitude in the wilderness of Fraser Island.

Here near the coast make camping tents, and in the shallow waters of the ocean can fish. The climate is humid oceanic, approaching much to tropical latitudes. Round can be visited by enthusiasts without special claims for convenience and comfort.

The island has two large resorts - Eurong Beach Resort and Kigfisher bay Resort, but no settlement in that sense that we often have in mind. In other words, Fraser Island is uninhabited, which explains the desire to be visited by people seeking relaxation from the city.

In fact, Fraser Island is only composed of sand and underneath no solid rock, which is a bit odd on such land to develop such rainforest. Bookmark and Share

Fraser Island serenity of nature

Inside the Fraser Island has about 100 lakes that are suitable for bathing. One of the most beautiful is Lake McKenzie with excellent conditions for swimming and picnics because the water is clean and the sand fine and white.

This is the best way to combine a good rest in nature and can swim safely. Course and the ocean provides good conditions for surfing, but let's not forget that on the east coast there are many sharks.

There are some nice lakes suitable for ecotourism such as Benaroon, Boomanjin, Birrabeen or Green Lake.

For those of you who are less familiar with the life of Fraser Island will write that there is a large population of wild dingoes to eat whatever they can find, including garbage tourists.

Be careful especially if you make your camp near the forest. Overall dingo is accustomed to human presence, but beware. Western part of Fraser Island is covered with mangroves and is visited by many people, while the eastern part is known and developed.

Beach is about 130 kilometers, one of the attractions of the beach are stuck rusty ships that stand against the endless sea. Fraser Island is a unique ecosystem including mangroves, dunes, rainforest, beaches and lakes. The most interesting and exciting places for eco-tourism Great Sandy National Park, which is located near Eurong Beach Resort offers excellent conditions for ecotourism.

Sandy Cape Conservation Park - located at the northern part of Fraser Island as seen from its name here is the kingdom of sand dunes. Indian Head exceptionally beautiful place, home to many dolphins, sharks and rays. The beach is very wide ideal for tents and safe for campfires. If you visit Fraser Island in August and September will see the migration of whales.

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