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Finland nature is one of the most beautiful of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Nature is so vast that it got there, man will feel that he is in infinity. For years, Finland was owned by Sweden and then Russia, but has managed to preserve its freedom and identity for centuries. No chance of the landmarks of modern Finland particular Russian and Swedish heritage. These are fortresses and churches were built during this occupation. These are some of the tourist attractions in Finland

The climate is very harsh, especially in northern areas, where it is Lapland. There polar summer is two months and a half, during which time the sun sets.

During the polar winter months and a half sun rises. Finland is the country with most lakes, the exact figure is not yet clarified. The largest lake is Saymaa of 4400 square kilometers, which predstavlyavyaa very tangled web of waterways. In the world there is no other nation that is so tied to nature. It is thus explained the sparse population of the country. Years ago, the Finnish people's houses were built of miles apart. As a whole the country has no high mountains, but rather hills covered with pine trees. Bookmark and Share

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Rich and untouched Finland nature

The capital of Finland is Helsinki, which is located at a strategic location in the Gulf of Finland.

Visit the Suomenlinna (Fortress of Suomenlinna), built by the Swedes during the second half of the eighteenth century, which is located at the entrance of the port of Helsinki.

Worth to see Old Rauma - the oldest port in Finland and the Scandinavian example of the distant past city built entirely of wood.

Take a boat trip to the archipelago quarks in the Gulf of Bothnia, which is the northern extension of the Baltic Sea.

Here you will witness how the glaciers are retreating and the land is raised.

Of course, this phenomenon continued for centuries. In Southwest Finland, Turku is located, which is famous for its castle Turku.

It is situated at the mouth of the Aura River, it was the most important stronghold of Sweden at the time.

Has withstood several sieges and was impregnable. It should not be ignored and Russian influence in Finland, mainly by other Russian architectural heritage temples such as the "Assumption" and the stone church Temppeliaukio.

Finland nature of Helsinki is remarkable. There are many spacious parks to walk, even as a beach Finns water is suitable for bathing even in winter.

Just just need to drill the ice and dive into minosovite water temperatures. True walrus right ???

Finnish sauna is known worldwide. That is why the Finns are so healthy people. When one enters the sauna will feel a calmness. It is like a temple - not speaks loudly, you get to enjoy the peace and quiet. This is a true relaxation of the soul.

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