Archipelago of the most beautiful beaches in Fernando de Noronha

The archipelago of Fernando de Noronha is the top 10 of the most beautiful and exotic beaches in South America. The islands are owned by Brazil and located about 350 km from the mainland. In the past, here are moored ship Amerigo Vespucci in 1503.

Briefly archipelago Fernando de Noronha was English and French colonies , and for the longest period was a Dutch possession .

The easiest way to get here is by plane from the cities of Natal and Recife . No Brazilian who does not know that here in Fernando de Noronha is the best place for scuba diving. Unfortunately, only the richest people in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro can afford such a vacation and visit Brazil tourist attractions. Climate almost all year round is perfect for hiking, even in the rainy season from April to August rainfall does not scare the tourists who want to enjoy the pristine nature. Another interesting fact is that actually only Ilha Fernando de Noronha is inhabited and only 3000 inhabitants.

Do not give permits for any kind of construction , because the whole archipelago Fernando de Noronha is a protected area by UNESCO.

Be sure to become the morning and see how thousands of dolphins congregate in the bay Baia das Golfinyos. Bookmark and Share

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Protected beaches in Fernando de Noronha

Around the island live starfish , gray sharks and of course turtles .

These are some of the attractions of the archipelago Fernando de Noronha . From a historical perspective there is a dilapidated Portuguese fortress Forte dos Remedios , which does not make too much trouble , some of the guns , which in the past have defended island currently buried . As mentioned at the beginning of our article here are the most beautiful beaches in Brazil and throughout South America.

Actually, 10 are the most famous beaches in  Fernando de Noronha , three of them are in the top 10 in Brazil.

Quiet and peaceful beaches in Fernando de Noronha

Just to clarify that some beaches are inside to the islands and other is outside , depending on their location .

First is the most beautiful of all the beaches in Fernando de Noronha Praia do Sancho. In second place is the beach of Praia dos Porcos fever and Praia do Leao. There is also a special cove dolphins to which access is limited Dolphin Bay.

Sea around the beaches in Fernando de Noronha is a quiet almost throughout the year, which is favorable for sea tourism in the area.

In case of windy most common from November to April along the coast , forming large waves - perfect for surfing. There are areas with submerged reefs and need to be careful where you ride Surf . At the beginning of last century , the archipelago Fernando de Noronha was in prison.

He was covered with old-growth forests that were deliberately cut by the Brazilian authorities , because the prisoners were discussing wooden rafts to escape from exile.

Later Fernando de Noronha was settled by immigrants deliberately and trees that are currently seeing are artificially planted . Currently Fernando de Noronha is a preferred destination and one of the most beautiful attractions in Brazil.

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