Natural attractions in the Falkland Islands

Probably many of you would ask yourself "What are the most interesting attractions in the Falkland Islands?". If you have patience and read this article you will find that it is worth to visit this place remote from civilization.

Most of you will hear the Falklands and immediately make an association with the war between Argentina and England in 1982. It lasts only three months in victory for Britain. After the referendum, the residents themselves in the Falkland Islands themselves in English and wish to have overseas territories of the UK. Falkland Islands are located in the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean 480 km from South America and almost 1,000 kilometers from Interesting places in Antarctica.

In the maps they can meet other name - the Malvinas Islands (Spanish Islas Malvinas). There are two main islands, East Falkland  and West Falkland.

Over 90% of the population lives in Port Stanley (3100 people) of East Falkland and about 100 people live mainly cattlemen of West Falkland. Main livelihood of the people of the Falkland Islands is farming, fishing and tourism in recent years. Bookmark and Share

This distant destination interested naturalists seeking privacy in nature.

Falkland Islands photo gallery

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Spring in the Falkland Islands
little village of Falkland Islands
Falkland Islands quite beach
big hill in Falkland Islands
freshwater lakes in the Falkland Islands
lake in Pebble falkland islands
Falklands gaggle penguin
Falkland Islands port howard
Port San Carlos coast
winter time of Falklands

Animal and plant species in the Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands also has marine and military airbase Mount Pleasant. Their presence here is understandable because of the control of fishing in the area.

Overall elevation of the island is very small and low hilly terrain. The climate is similar to that in England, as in the curious case is that latitude is the same with that of London is that in the southern hemisphere. The only hotel that accepts tourists Waterfront Hotel. Located in the center of Port Stanley and offers accommodation only during the months of October to April, when the summer is here. Of the Malvinas Islands come very few tourists, mainly ornithologists and photographers to observe the natural life of penguins, whales, seals and several species of birds that nest in the summer.

Tourist routes in the Falkland Islands

For example, king penguins and dolphins can be seen year-round Folklendskitei Islands, black albatross from September to May, sea lions from December to March, and more.

Upland geese are the most common bird round the islands and rarely crested cormorants, black-browed albatross, Patagonian grey fox, rockhoppers, striated caracara, gentoo etc. Besides the two major islands and has the outer islands. They can be visited only by motor boat, of course if desired by tourists.

The third area of ​​the island is Pebble. Here you can see live freely (without fear of people) gentoo, macaroni, rockhopper and magellanic penguins. Inside the Pebble Island has large wetlands and lakes in which they live waders.

Other smaller islands of the same importance are the Natural Island Saunders, Island Carcass, Island and Weddell Island Reserve New Island South. On New Island South station is equipped for testing of animals in the area and a small natural history museum. Right here you can do most of the cruise between the Falkland Islands..

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