The most important attractions in Hainan

If you are fond of exotic beaches on Chinese island Hainan, forget about the usual destinations like Maldives and Hawaii and head to the enigmatic China. At its southernmost point, far from the economic whirlpool of Shanghai and Beijing, is one of the world's most beautiful exotic resorts - Hainan Island. In translation, the name means Island of the South Sea, and over the years it has been nicknamed "Eastern Hawaii" due to the fact that it is located at a latitude with the popular island.

Thanks to this, Hainan's climate is mild and warm throughout the year, and the average temperature is 25 degrees. Hainan covers an area of ​​34,000 sq. Km and its coastline is 1580 km long. Even in the middle of winter you can sunbathe, ride a yacht or surf. However, the island's holiday is an expensive pleasure, with a ten-day break between $ 1500 and $ 3500.

The reason for the high prices is that here the hotels are mainly four- and five-star hotels. The resort has entered the catalogs of international tour operators over the last decades, and today it is alongside destinations like the Maldives and Bali.

Coming to Hainan, you can immerse yourself in the contemplative world of the Ancient East. Walking through the enchanting Chinese gardens, you will experience true delight and feel the tranquility that the breath of the Pagoda and the people moving smoothly in the footsteps of the gymnastics' taizzi. The trip to China is complemented by local cuisine and traditional medicine. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Hainan

Hainan Island is an excellent place for those who want to get into shape using the waters of thermal springs. On the island, tourists can also embark on a huge number of excursions - visiting Monkey Island, Butterfly Valley, Stone of the Rocks, the Buddhist temple in the mountain, and the place called The End of the World, with large stones, painted with hieroglyphs, the southern point of China.

An interesting tourist attraction is the oceanarium, where all the beauties of the underwater world have been gathered. On the island there are also tours to coral islands as well as various water sports and paraplanes. Hainan is the southernmost point of China, located in the area of ​​the tropical belt. To the east of it is the South China Sea. The island resembles a soccer ball flies to the network formed by the Gulf of Tongkins and the long coastline of Vietnam.

It is almost entirely covered with tropical forest, and at the foot of a farmland where rice, coconut palms, rubber trees, coffee and tea are grown, as well as tropical fruits such as pineapples and edible cactuses. For tourism, the most important thing is that the island is surrounded by many fine sand beaches. Tourist facilities are packed in coastal areas, but guests also offer walks amongst the unspoiled nature of the island's interior, where ecotourism hotels have already been built.

Tourists can visit the area of ​​cultural tourism in the rainforest of Yanoda and the tropical botanical garden of Sinlong, located in the tourist resort of the same name with hot mineral springs. In the Nan (Nanshan), tourists can see old dragon trees, some of which are claimed to be at least 6,000 years old and seem to be related to the traditional longevity of locals.

The new brilliant statue of the Hindu goddess Guanin, 108 meters high, along with the pedestal (higher than the Statue of Liberty), is a symbol of the rapid development of the newly-built star on a holiday island, as well as his determination to keep his respectful connection to the past. What to look for: Hainan is famous for its artificial pearls, but to make a good choice, you need to have a solid knowledge of quality and price.

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