The most important attractions in Panay

Exciting vacation on Panay Philippines and visit caves, waterfalls and mountains. For a small amount in dollars you can enjoy the real tropics. Geographically it can be divided into three sectors. The eastern part is occupied by high hills up to 800 meters high.

The central part of the island of Panay extends through the plains running through the largest Panay River. The western part is the highest, covered by the mountain range and the volcano Nangtud 2090 meters. It is wetter here compared to the rest of the island.

We start with the caves on Panay Island, one of the most beautiful natural attractions of the Philippine archipelago. In fact, the caves are two and each is of varying degrees of difficulty. One of the Pangihan caves is suitable for families with children and elderly tourists because there are no steep climbs and downhills.

The second cave is difficult to climb and is recommended for physically trained visitors. In both caves there are many beautiful  stalagmites and stalactites. Shooting is banned in order not to disturb the life of the bats. One of the exotic attractions of Panay Philippines is so-called hot-water boilers. An interesting way to bathe in hot water. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Panay

The boiler water temperature can be adjusted by adding cold water from the hose. The fire of warmth is open, you have the feeling that you are in a kettle to prepare a soup.

According to the Filipinos, this is a good way to relax the muscles of the legs and extract toxins from the body. Good blood circulation is achieved in the body and all the pains disappear. Another attraction you can try is a coconut wine tasting. Personally, I have not tried such a coconut wine. On the island of Panay, the Philippines has large coconut palm plantations, called by the local population "Tree of Life".

Coconut walnuts are exported to other countries around the world, and wine can try it right away. The process of wine making from fruit sorting to fermentation and bottling is similar to that of grapes. In fact, everything from coconut palm can be used. From the leaves of the palm to its roots.

The last attraction on the island of Panayi Philippines that we have prepared for you is a trek to the waterfalls. This is not just a path in the jungle, but an exciting adventure by visiting the chalets built of bamboo and palm leaves.

This is how most Filipino dwellings are made on Panay Island. The path passes through beautiful orchards and many flowering flowers. Finally, you will end up at the Bugtong Bato cascade cascade, where you can even take a bath because the water is warm and clean.

The generous hosts will welcome you with a delicious open-air lunch and Filipino rum of sugar cane. All culinary delights of local Filipino cuisine are served on banana leaves.

From the historical sights of Panay Island we will just name the Miagao Baroque Church, the Akean Museum, the Oloilo Museum and the Ang Panublion Museum. To the northwest of Panay Island is a very beautiful little Boracay island. It is famous for its beautiful beaches, which you should not miss.

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