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Exciting vacation on Moroni Comoros in the Indian Ocean. Several pictures from one nice place. Comoros and more precisely the capital Moroni, Golden Tulip Complex! People are pretty poor, but that's why it's beautiful in nature. The Comoros are also known as the Union of the Comoros. They are an independent state in Eastern Africa and have a population of over 798,000. The Comoros are located in the Indian Ocean. Madagascar and Mozambique, as well as Tanzania, are located near this island state. The population of the country speaks three languages - Comorian, French and Arabic.

The capital of the Comoros is Moroni, located on the island of Grande Comore. Comoros also includes Anjouan and Moheli islands. The last island owned by France is called Mayotte. This island ruled by France was the only one vote against Comoros independence in 1970. Bookmark and Share

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Moroni Comoros and Grande Comore

The Comoros is one of the smallest African countries. Comoros has been inhabited by humans since ancient times. According to archaeological studies, Anjouan Island was inhabited by humans in the sixth century. In the twelfth century, all archipelago islands fell under Arab rule.

In the seventeenth century, the Portuguese tried to establish their own settlements on the islands, but failed because the locals gave them strong resistance. After that, the islands began to settle with people from Arab countries as well as with former residents of Madagascar. The islands also became a place where pirates brought their captives.

At the end of the eighteenth century, the population of the islands declined severely due to the abduction of people for the purpose of selling them as slaves. This has led to the disappearance of all residents of Mayotte. In the 1940s, Mayotte became part of France, and by the end of the century, all the Comoros became a French colony.

Here were grown coffee plantations and various types of exotic spices. In the 1960s, movements to liberate the Comoros emerged. After the independence referendum, all islands except Mayotte were separated from France. Attractions of the Comoros are a favorite destination for many tourists.

The highest point of the islands is Kartarta volcano, which is located on the eponymous peak and rises to an altitude of 2361 meters. The volcano is active, but has not erupted in a while. The nature of the Comoros is very beautiful. The islands are surrounded by coral reefs, there are many tropical forests and savannas. The huge number of shops selling fragrant exotic spices are of interest to tourists.

In the Comoros capital, Moroni, you can see the beautiful mosque Vendredi, which offers magnificent views of the whole city. The village of Itsandra, inhabited mainly by fishermen, is very attractive to tourists. Visitors to the Comoros can enjoy magnificent representatives of native flora and fauna, some of which are not found elsewhere in the world.

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