The most important attractions in Rurutu

Exciting vacation on Rurutu the northernmost island of Austral Archipelago. This island is part of French Polynesia, located 572 km south of Tahiti. If we go back a few million years back in time, we will realize that Rurutu is part of the fractured Macdonald plate.

The rise of this hot spot 10 million years ago formed steep rocks that rise 150 meters above sea level. Later erosion begins to melt them and turn them into a beautiful atoll that we are currently seeing on the island of Rurutu.

The corals also have an impact on the atoll, and over the last one million years they have been able to make natural marine tunnels and caves that are not yet well researched. So either this place is magical for these reasons and makes it a good place for visitors to spend a wonderful break on Rurutu.

The uniqueness of the island is also supported by well-preserved cave dwellings of prehistoric inhabitants. At the beginning of the nineteenth century a wooden statue of god Aa was found on the island of Rurutu, which is in the British Museum of Conservation. An interesting attraction is the observation from the beach of a humpback whale between July and October. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Rurutu

Despite the small population of Rurutu and the small area, tourism has been on the rise in recent years. There are four settlements Moerai, Avera, Hauti and Narui. They are connected with a narrow road that is not asvalt.

After the visit of Francois Mitterrand in 1990, tourism flourished. Rurutu offers white sandy beaches, unspoiled island culture and lush tropical vegetation throughout the year. The climate is constant with temperatures between 25-32 degrees.

The water is warm and ideal for bathing and all types of water sports. According to familiar travelers there is an earthly paradise here. Magical island with its radiance, incarnation of coral caves and pure white sand in a beautiful lagoon surrounded by an inaccessible reef.

Here in the summer months the southern humpback whales mate and migrate to the south. Because the water is very clean and you can see everything at a great distance, many devoted divers can see and capture this natural wonder. As is known, humpback whales are not dangerous for humans.

Rurutu Island has an airport and shelters excursions in small hotels and villas. Prices are not different from Tahiti attractions for example. Great beauty has been filmed in many films made specifically about the migration of the humpback whale.

These enormous animals come and go, but the beauty of Rurutu Island remains unchanged as the traditions passed down from generation to generation. As my friend said, he managed to visit this place: "Earth Paradise and the majestic beauty you see for a moment and you never forget it."

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