Top ten exciting places in Tokyo

Exciting places in Tokyo, buildings and trains that seem to have come out of a movie about the future, Buddhist temples built in ancient times, bright neon lights, smiles. The largest city in the world is turning into a marvelous spiral built from past and future. Tokyo, Japan hides many different worlds and adventures.

Apart from the headquarters of major trading companies, ancient parts of Tokyo have been preserved. Among them is the oldest Buddhist temple complex in the country Sensō-ji temple, founded in 628. The legend tells that two brothers captured the statue of the goddess of mercy Kanan in the nearby Sumida River. Even though she had put her back several times in the river, she always came back to them. Thus the gods themselves chose the place of the temple.

You are impressed at his entrance at the Thunder Gate. It is one of the symbols of the city. Near the main building there are 5 Pagoda floors. It is believed that the visitors to the temple will have luck in love, doctrine and all their endeavors. To have this happen, they kindle the aromatic sticks that act as a bridge to communicating with deities and spirits. It is believed that their smoke makes the thoughts of the praying transgressors and the deity can see to what extent one is sincere.

Also, according to the ancient beliefs, the fire expels the evil and attracts the good powers. Their smoke is purifying and gives even greater beauty to the temple. We stay in the area of Asakusa. From the temple begins the famous shopping street Nicamise, where you can buy typical Japanese souvenirs and traditional snacks. The 634 m. Tokyo Sky Tree is also nearby. Bookmark and Share

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The most exciting places in Tokyo


This is the world's tallest automatic television tower. But much more than that! Here are a variety of shopping, entertainment, dining options and the best panoramic views of the city. Not far from the tree is the main bus stop for water buses. The journey along the Simu River is a real pleasure - it reminds you of the times when Tokyo was Edo and the main transport was on the rivers and canals. Most passengers go down to Odessa. Аsahi beer hall is one of the picture on photogalery. And that's no accident!

You find yourself in a futuristic suburb built on the largest artificial island in the Gulf of Tokyo. The reason for its construction is the lack of undeveloped areas and the need for new ones. It is known as the "City of the Future". It is located here on one of the largest private television networks - Fuji. She organizes exhibitions dedicated to popular TV shows and sells souvenirs related to them.

The most interesting, however, is its futuristic observation deck, located in a special sphere. Many shopping centers and restaurants are located in Odaya. Interesting is the Gundham theme park and the huge robot that seems to guard the area. It is also interesting to walk along one of the most expensive streets in the world - Ginza. Here rents rarely fall below 500 euros per square meter. In the area are also the best places for entertainment in the country - excellent hotels, restaurants, clubs, galleries. In the very heart of the city is the Imperial Palace part of attractions in Japan.

In its prime, under the Tokugawa shogun, it was the largest fortress in the world. The inner part of the palace where the emperor's residence is located is not open to visitors. Besides, if it's not December 23, when it's the ruler's birthday or January 2nd, when he makes a new year's greetings.

Then citizens can see the members of the royal family who appear on the balcony. I could not see them, but I walked through the lovely park surrounding the palace. It can be seen the preserved defense facilities, fortress walls and bridges. These are just some of the exciting places in Tokyo.

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